Tuesday, July 5, 2016


On learning that the FBI Director, James Comey,would not recommend criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump immediately tweeted  out his objection saying that it showed the system was rigged.  I concur.  When Obama nominated a Republican, of proven integrity, to the position, he was obviously rigging it  against Republicans.  Donald's latest whine may be justified.


  1. I'm curious ... where did Obama find a Republican of proven integrity? I thought they had become extinct! Or was that statement made in a figuratively, comparative sense (compared to other Republicans)?

  2. 3. Comey Disputed the Bush Administration’s Wiretapping Program

    Comey dramatically pushed back the Bush administration over the reauthorization of the warrantless domestic surveillance program, which led to him drafting a letter of resignation in 2004. The letter was never sent.

    During his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2007, Comey summarized the events that led to the resignation threat.

    Comey was serving as acting attorney general in March 2004 while then-Attorney General John Ashcroft was hospitalized and gravely ill with pancreatitis.

    Due to Ashcroft’s illness, Comey, who was then deputy attorney general, temporarily became in charge of the Justice Department. After he refused to re-authorize a secret National Security Agency warrantless wiretap program that the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel determined was illegal, two top Bush aides — Andrew Card and Alberto Gonzales — headed to the hospital to try to convince Ashcroft to sign off. Comey, who had been tipped off, quickly arrived to the hospital room, just minutes before the White House officials.

    “I had witnessed an effort to take advantage of a very sick man,” Comey told senators during his 2007 testimony. “I prepared a letter intending to resign. … I couldn’t stay if the White House was engaging in conduct that had no legal basis.”

    In Comey’s drafted resignation letter, which was published by The Washington Post, he said “the Justice Department and I have been asked to be part of something that is fundamentally wrong.”

    Shortly after, Comey privately met with Bush, who agreed to “do the right thing, and put the program on a footing that we could certify its legality,” Comey testified.

  3. Good story about James Comey. That's a small victory for morality in an otherwise vile administration. He's OK in my book.