Tuesday, November 29, 2016


For all of the macho tough guys who send me gleeful communications about the election of Donald Trump, along with veiled threats of future physical harm, I have  a question: What kind of a man is it that can vote his approval of a person who openly brags that, because he is a star, he can grab the genitals of your mother; your wife; your girlfriend; your sister without their objecting?  Now that Trump will be installed as Head of State, I suppose he will be granted "lus primae noctis"  by his adoring supporters.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Although I personally believe that the prospect is dim, indeed, it is interesting to contemplate what might happen if current recount efforts were to prosper and Hillary Clinton would be declared President, after all.  Would all those Trump supporters, who are now telling the opposition to get over it and to give Trump a chance, respond that way to the new reality?  Something tells me that it wouldn't work out that way at all.


 When one see how relatively easy it is for computers to to compare and sort documents, it is hard not to help but feel that it was incumbent on the FBI  to have checked the emails, found on the Wiener computer, before releasing the news that they had found them.  What could have taken a matter of hours, may now be a source of months of misery.

The problem a major segment, of the population has, now, is how can we be certain that the FBI will now not be non-partisan in its approach to investigating possible illegalities in the Trump Administration.  There is a cloud over the FBI that, now, cannot be dispelled without the resignation of Dir. Comey 


The Neo-Nazis, who have reared their ugly heads, with the advent of Trump, would be well advised to learn some history lest  they have to repeat it.  

Prior to World War II and the rise of Hitler, Germany despite its economic problems, was the world's preeminent scientific nation. It's language was offered by almost every High School in the U.S. almost as a requirement to take  college courses in science.  It was necessary to do research in much original scientific literature.  Pre Hitler German science benefited from the input of what Hitler called "unter menschen"(sub-humans) such as Slavs, and Jews - for example atomic physics was considered, by Nazis, as a "Jewish science, the Nazis assured they would never be the first to get the atomic bomb", by forcing the flight of German and Hungarian Jews from Europe.  

When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and conquered most of European part of the Soviet Union, it was the "unter menschen" of Soviet Asia, for the most part, who manned the Siberian factories that outproduced Nazi dominated Europe, not only in quantity but in quality of goods, but also supplied the fresh troops that  overwhelmed and destroyed an entire German army at Stalingrad.

The Nazi principle of "racial purity" brought the German people, among other things, destruction of much of their Homeland; the loss of 1/3 of their original territory; German became a backwater language in Science and was replaced by English.

When "racial purity" comes to America, there is no reason to expect a better outcome.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Whatever one can say about Donald Trump, even before taking the Oath of Office he will hold the record of any candidate for number of campaign promises broken before having taken the Presidential Oath!


A spokesman for Trump said, today, that the Donald felt that Hillary had gone through enough and he was not in favor of investigating her any further.  I think that that was pure spin.  Having seen the last of the umpteen televised investigations, where an array of Representatives were worn to a frazzle by 11 solid hours of questioning while Hillary coolly sat, unruffled, I see it as Trump having taken pity on the poor investigators.

Monday, November 21, 2016


If there is pessimism and gloom in the air, please forgive those senior citizens for whom, the coming Trump Administration, will be the third time in their lifetime, that Republicans have controlled all branches of the Government.  Twice before, they spelled disaster, both economic and natural, for our nation.  In 1929, not only did we have the Great Depression but 2 years later began what was called the Dust Bowl which devastated swaths of the Mid West During the George W. Bush Administration we had the Great Recession in addition to Katrina.

The fact that the coming Administration will be under a President who has not received a plurality of the vote, is equally foreboding considering the recent past.  Although we hope for the best, we are girding for the very worst.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


The last time somebody asked me to give an inexperienced Republican business man, with an M.B.A, who received less than a plurality of the vote, a chance was almost exactly 16 years ago.  We gave him a chance and got poor governance, 2 wars, trillions of dollars in deficits, the greatest single avoidable terror attack on the nation, the loss of a city, and the Great Recession, among other things.  No, I say hold this new one's feet to the fire.  Dick Cheney walked away with millions but the American people suffered; this time don't let it happen again!

Saturday, November 19, 2016


To Donald Trump, the greatest inequity occurred in 2008, when the Bush administration bailed out the financial industry by creating $1 Trillion, in fiat money which it, then, loaned to them, at super low interest, and then borrowed the money back at higher interest. This spread not only allowed the financial industry to keep operating, without losing even a dollar in their year end bonuses, but to keep a trove of foreclosed real estate to liquidate, slowly, at enormous profits, as the economy improved.  The financial industry may be stronger, today as a whole, than it was at the time of the 2008 crash, resulting in what may have been the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy in the history of the nation.

The great inequity, to Trump, is that while the financial industry benefited, his own industry, the construction industry, was not granted an equal opportunity to dine at the public trough.

Trump's new plan will correct this injustice by loaning the construction industry $1 Trillion with which to build new infrastructure which will then be operated at fees, to the public, in order to repay the Government loans.  This way the construction industry ends up with $1 Trillion in fungible assets and the Government gets repaid what it has loaned. 



The other night, on Broadway, a group of American citizens petitioned, another American citizen, about their concerns. Although residents, of this nation, have a Constitutional right to petition their Government,  Donald J. Trump, wants an apology for their having done so to Mike Pence, probably on the grounds that a Vice President is equivalent in status to a Viceroy, and full rights apply even before he takes office.

Friday, November 18, 2016


See, Trump did keep his promise to those Trump University enrollees. With his recent offer to settle their  law suit for tens of millions of dollars, he is making them rich!


New post on The Octogenarians

The Most Powerful Man In ThevWorld

by daedal2207
There are three or four men in the world who can bring civilization to an end.None of them have Islamic names.Presumably this cannot happen without consultation with trusted and informed advisers but in fact the order to let loose nuclear hell can be given without advice and must be obeyed.If you trust the system of advisers take a look at who they are.We don't know the Russians,or the Chinese,England which has a woman in that position may not have the capability,maybe the French,Maybe Israel but probably not India (Pakistan is already an issue re its nuclear arms).We do know Trump and now we see some of his key advisers."You"re fired"could become "you're fried".
Nuclear devastation is overwhelming and hard to wrap one's mind around but giving consent for execution by drone is easier to comprehend.What is not easy to see is a precise,surgical,collateral damage minimized process.Look to escalation of the killing with increased collateral damage and enhanced recruiting by Isis.A cautious,cerebral Nobel peace prize winner had a heck of a time with it.The Trumpeter eventually unimpeded by lawsuits,will have no trouble with "You're fired".
Maybe we'll luck out and get to go extinct trough global warming,drought,the rape of natural resources(Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior?) or old fashioned riot.


In a recent television interview, Trump said that even those things, he claimed during his campaign that were not factual, were validated by his election.

One might wonder, then, why he would entertain nominating Mitt Romney, as Secretary of State, after having called him a "loser" and a "choker".

In my opinion. like the young bully who pulls the wings off captive insects, Trump wants to savor seeing Romney grovelling  before him for a job that he would dearly love.  If he enjoys it, bigly, Trump might even give it to Mitt so that he can watch the grovelling on a regular basis.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Donald is a most misunderstood person and not, in the least, crude and disagreeable, as claimed.  All it takes is a kind word and a pat on the head, as Putin has found out.


Reagan won the cold war, and then Trump lost it to Putin, or perhaps more appropriately, Trump gifted it to Putin.  Now Vladimir is free to contend with the Chinese, for hegemony of the Eurasian landmass, from Damascus to Harbin, without interference, from a third power.  See how simple it all could have been!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Trump is no ideolog.  He has been, depending on circumstances, a Liberal pro choice Democrat, as well as a pro life Republican.  You need only look at the speeches of both Ivanka and Melania, at the Republican Convention, both of which could have been delivered to applause at a Democratic Convention (indeed Melania's speech was plagiarized from Michelle Obama) to get a glimpse of the transactional philosophy of the family.  You need only look at Trump's speech, yesterday, to see that Clinton is no longer "Crooked" Hillary, but a woman worthy of our respect.

I don't believe that it is lost on Trump, or his advisors, that not only did Hillary receive more votes than Trump but that the margins of the Republican majority, in both the House and the Senate, have been narrowed.  A net loss of 2  Republican seats, in the Senate, in the 2018 elections flips the majority back to the Democrats.  

They are aware that Trump came to power only because of the dissatisfaction of  a large part of the electorate with the pace of our economic recovery and inequity of wealth distribution.  The only remedies offered by Trump, stopping illegal immigration, halting relocation of factories overseas, and infrastructure investments without raising taxes have their own problems which i will deal with in a future post. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


In view of the overnight drop in the futures market, reacting to the Trump election,, the Wall Street Journal has come up with a preemptive blame shift with an editorial saying, "Obama's fiscal luck is about to run out".  What Obama accomplished was just luck and anything bad that happens is just a matter of luck and not Trump's future fiscal policies. 

The last President with an MBA, George W. Bush, a Republican with an unbroken series of one disaster after another, could blame his predecessor, Clinton for his problems, despite inheriting a fairly robust economy that had a budget surplus

Trump will have Obama to blame everything on, with the knowledge that, if he screws up the economy bad enough to require help, he can always pass the baton to a Democrat to straighten out the mess, again.   

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


A minority that, faced with voter suppression, does not show up at the polls, as a protest, in effect is contributing to its own eventual disenfranchisement, and ultimately to its own subjugation.   In our society, a small minority that votes counts a whole lot more than a large minority that doesn't vote.   

Monday, November 7, 2016


I know that the Trump campaign is concerned about his standing in the polls, this day before the elections, because Trump, himself, has gone back to claiming that the elections were rigged, whereas the day before he wasn't sure, because his poll numbers were good.  th It would appear that blaming a rigged system is easier than actually getting votes.


By his own admission, Trump has named his 11 year old son, Barron, "a computer genius".  I suggest that the Trump campaign immediately hire Barron, thereby keeping the cost of same, in the family, as a computer consultant.  Barron, I am sure, will be able to explain, to his father, and his advisors, how it is possible for the F.B.I., to sort through 650,000 emails, in less than 9 days,with using simple off the shelf computer programs.  

Sunday, November 6, 2016


It is reported that one one of the great disappointments, for Donald Trump, in his campaign, is the failure of his critics to acknowledge and/or praise his efforts in improving criticism of his integrity.  No matter how hard he works to change his image, he can't seem to budge them when it comes to that particular trait.     


At the recent incident, where Secret Service agents, hustled Donald Trump off the stage because of a report of a gun, at a rally, there was a short  delay between resolution of the incident before Trump returned to the stage.  On his return, he expressed grateful thanks, to those agents, especially for their foresight in having brought a change of underwear to the event.


FBI Director Comey has signaled that he too, is a firm believer that the F.B.I. has no business meddling in U.S. elections.  He says he is against releasing any statements, that could potentially affect an election, within 60 days prior to the date of the election.  Furthermore, he also agrees that no statements providing unproven  and speculative data should ever be made.  To prove his commitment to this policy, he will never, ever do so with any Republican political figure.

Friday, November 4, 2016


The most consequential year, yet, in this Century, has been 2010, a year when, in response to unparalleled obstructionism by Republicans, more Republicans were elected to Congress. in the 
I trust that if Hillary Clinton is elected President, that what transpired, that year, is indelibly etched into her memory, and that she comes in to office prepared for 2018.

Since Republicans have already signified that they intend obstructing, as usual, while the infrastructure of the nation languishes,  I trust she will keep her campaign going through 2018 to make that election really costly for any would be obstructionists.


Just as I was getting used to Barack Obama being the Anti-Christ, an FBI official has formally declared that Hillary Clinton is the new Anti-Christ.  

I have been caught off guard.  How did I miss the headlines about such a momentous occurrence?  I got so used the Obama being the Anti-Christ, I didn't realize he was replaceable.    

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


95% of the armed forces moving to liberate Mosul, that was supposed to be future capital of the Caliphate which ISIS desires, are Muslims, the very people that Donald Trump would have chosen to alienate.  

If the Donald had his way, it would have been 100,000 Americans and/or nuclear weapons  It would have been American boots to occupy the land, after that, to face the I.E.D.s afterwards, just as they did after the Bush Iraq invasion.


Polls became a target, of Trump's charges, that they were rigged, upon receipt of an invoice, in excess of $700,000.00, from a pollster that he had hired.  It should be evident, to all, any system requiring payment for services, of pollsters, must be rigged!