Tuesday, November 29, 2016


For all of the macho tough guys who send me gleeful communications about the election of Donald Trump, along with veiled threats of future physical harm, I have  a question: What kind of a man is it that can vote his approval of a person who openly brags that, because he is a star, he can grab the genitals of your mother; your wife; your girlfriend; your sister without their objecting?  Now that Trump will be installed as Head of State, I suppose he will be granted "lus primae noctis"  by his adoring supporters.


  1. You're in good company:

  2. The "Christians" here in Kentucky, who overwhelmingly voted for Trump, even when acknowledging he is a horrible human being, justify their vote saying that God's will can be worked through even a sinful man such as Trump. Which means they KNOW his character (or lack thereof) and don't care.

    My head hurts if I try to follow the illogic of my fellow citizens. Their gloating alone illustrates the point about the caliber or people who voted for him, but that point is beyond their comprehension.

    1. As an agnostic, although I don't talk about "God's will, I cannot deny there has been a creation, so I feel more comfortable with the termi "Guiding Principles of the Universe" which does not suffer fools kindly. By not having learned not to repeat so many of the same mistakes as with the election of of George W.Bush a mere 16 years ago, I fear even worse consequences, as a result. Unfortunately we are not exempted from collective guilt.

  3. Karma would grant Trump that first night with the woman of his choosing, only to later discover that she was a carrier of AIDS. Would that then be considered his just deserts? I believe so. Throw in some flesh-eating bacteria just for good measure. Making America Great Again!