Saturday, July 21, 2018


Trump justifies frequent summit meetings with Putin on the grounds that, since no notes are taken and there is no written material to refer to, he needs Putin to remind him of what he's supposed to do. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018


A relic of monarchism, so despised by our founding fathers, a secret treaty, secretly arrived was concluded in Helsinki at the summit meeting between Trump and Putin.  No word of the terms have been announced to the American public but Putin has advised his people, that included is a deal for former KGB agents to interrogate our officials.  Although Trump denies this, no word has been advised as to the terms of the secret deal.  We are all now subjects of King Donald I with the date of the coronation, ad yet unrevealed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


To quiet a flood of criticism about Trump's performance in Helsinki, Trump, today, offered a single clarification that he meant to use a double negative in one of his statements about Putin's attack on the 2016 elections.  Instead of saying that "he didn't see why Putin would interfere in our election", he meant to say "he didn't see why not Putin would interfere with our election"  This, of course, Trump feels should take care of all the hubbub surrounding his Helsinki trip except, now, with Trump agreeing with the assessment of his Intelligence services, how come Trump, himself, refused to confront Putin about something that he agreed had occurred?

The use of the double negative has made things even more obscure than before.


Donald Trump, in defense of his actions at the Helsinki summit with Putin, cites Stephen Decatur" words, "...My country, right or wrong, my country..."

On the other hand, we, here, in the U.S.wish he would, indeed, go back to his country. 

Monday, July 16, 2018


Is it my bias or do you, too, see a change in Putin's body language in his meetings with Trump?  He used to greet Trump as if he were showing off a prized family heirloom.  In Helsinki, he looks at Trump as if he's remembering an appointment for a root canal with a Russian dentist.

Perhaps he's just thinking about what he's going to tell all those Russian officers about how they are going to have to curtail their travel plans and to try to convince them that their bundling up and delivering Putin to Mueller, instead, won't necessarily help their case.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


I confess to a need for serious assistance in understanding the thought processes of our esteemed President.  In response to reports of indictments of Russian entities Trump says that the investigation of the matter is a hoax, but Obama, because he was President at the time the hoax was perpetrated should be under investigation, by the Special Counsel.  Now, no one has even alleged that Obama has committed any crime or even benefitted by a crime, why is Obama supposed to be under investigation?  To make Obama criminally responsible for any criminal act committed during his administration would put a terrible burden, by force of precedent, on any Presidency, past or present

We are told that Obama should, rightfully, be investigated for something that didn't happen, but Trump, who may have benefitted from interference by Russian entities, should not.

As Trump's lawyers have declared, the Special Counsel has not indicted Trump or anyone in his family, why is he so opposed to an investigation which as yet failed to indict them?    

Friday, July 13, 2018


On the occasion of Mueller's latest indictment, many political pundits are advising Trump to cancel his pending meeting with Putin.  I, on the other hand, feel it may be the most important meeting Trump will ever have, especially if he can negotiate good terms, with Putin, for his asylum, in the Russian Federation.