Sunday, December 17, 2017


There may be something ironic in the fact that lawyers of a man who begged the Russians to illegally hack 30,000 of his political rival's emails are now complaining that 10,000, I presume legally obtained, emails, in the course of an investigation, is tainted.  I presume that they were legally obtained because the complaint has not been made to a judge who would normally decide their status but to an extra-judicial political body.

It would appear, now, that any emails obtained, in the course of an investigation, should be laundered through the Russians, before having validity in an American court of law.


It is rumored that Roy Moore will not concede the Alabama Senatorial Election until Vladamir Putin gets a chance to review his appeal and rules on whether Russia will intervene on Moore's behalf.  Only when appeals to the highest court in the land, in election matters,  are exhausted, will Moore concede.

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Sen. Gillibrand thinks Bill Clinton should resign.  She may be on to something.  If Clinton resigns doesn't Gore become President?  If Gore is President wouldn't he have a better chance, running as an incumbent, to be elected?  After all, he did win the popular vote running as a sitting Vice-President.

If Gore is President, we avoid 9/11, two wars, destabilizing the Middle East, making Iran the hegemon of the Persian Gulf area, $3 or $4 Trillions in debt, the Great Recession.

How do we get Bill Clinton to resign?


There can be little doubt that the whine making skills of Republicans far exceed those of Democrats who are woefully lacking in that category.

A particularly glaring example can be found in the handling of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  It is reported that the reason that Director Comey took the unprecedented tactic of exposing the fact that possibly unseen Clinton emails had been found, on a laptop belonging to Huma Abedin, mere days before the election,  an undoubtedly large factor in the electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton, was that an anti-Clinton faction in the New York office of the F.B.I. was threatening to publicly complain at what they felt was bias by the Director.  The emails turned out to be copies of what Clinton had already given to the F.B.I. but the damage had already been done to her campaign.  Trump publically praised Comey for his help; perhaps he privately thanked pro-Trump whiners in the F.B.I 
for their assistance

After firing of Comey, by Trump, and an ensuing ongoing investigation by a Speical Counsel into possible collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign, private email correspondence between two F.B.I. agents, who were pro-Clinton in the same election was found.  Although private political views are not prohibited to F.B.I. agents,  Mueller immediately removed the two agents from his staff.  Nevertheless, the Republican whine making machinery went into full operating mode, and is even now threatening to derail the investigation into possible criminal acts of the current administration.  There can be little doubt of their whinemaking skill.

Friday, December 15, 2017


Trump says, "There was  definitely no collusion.  Believe me, because I was there!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The USA TODAY  Editorial Board just stated that Trump was not fit to clean the toilets in Obama's Presidential Library.  I really believe that the publication is needlessly deprecating the President.

It is my considered belief that Trump, for all his faults, IS fit to clean the toilets of the Obama Presidential Library and should be considered for the position, effective immediately.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Economists try, in vain, to explain, to our Congress, tby the people,hat paying back, what has been already prepaid, to the Government, does not increase the debt of that Government, since the repayment actually reduces the debt.  Congress, however will have no talk about having to repay any of the funds.

These funds, once conmingled with other Government monies is needed for paying for tax cuts and subsidies for the "job creators" who paid it into the Government as part of the workers salaries and deductions from worker's payrolls.  American worker's should be happy to contribute to this worthy cause.