Friday, March 25, 2016


Watching film clips of the Obamas' trip to Cuba and Argentina, does anyone really doubt that Barack could sweep any election for President of the World?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


People profiling is a necessity in a modern society.  In the early 20th Century, people of Italian descent were notorious for being bomb throwing anarchists as well as organized mobsters.  It is for this reason, Italian Americans live in neighborhoods that are under special police scrutiny and are not allowed to serve on the Supreme Court.  Likewise, at the same time, all Jews were Communists, and their communities are infiltrated by FBI agents and Jews are unable to work in the financial field, to this day.  Muslims should be treated no differently than those other dangerous communities.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Try as I might, I am unable to wrap my mind around a situation where a nation, that can stoically suffer an average of 3000 gun deaths a month, and can shrug its shoulders at the continuing murder of thousands of civilians a year  in Africa, can be stampeded into taking draconian measures, in its homeland, only because of the death of 31 civilians Belgium.  The recent terror attack in Belgium, tragic as it certainly is, has provoked a consternation, vehement rhetoric, and calls for restriction of civil rights among  some of our political leaders, that is unmatched for far worse occurrences in our own country.

To think that we are willing to restrict the civil rights of American citizens, on one hand, for this, but are completely unmoved by the deaths of our children by gun violence, on the other, speaks to the baseness of our nation as no other thing  we can do.

Monday, March 21, 2016


The only real difference between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, when it comes to  campaign promises is that during the primaries, Romney stuck to a right wing message and only Etch-a-Sketched to the center, straddling most issues for the General.  Trump, on the other hand, secure that he is impervious to criticism, from his base, to anything he does, including murder on Fifth Avenue, is straddling issues before getting the nomination.  For Trump, what is important is to make the sale.  Campaign promises are only important for consummating the transaction, accordingly, he would see no ethical breach in making any promise whatsoever; not making the deal is the only sin, in his lexicon.


When the Southern wing of the Democratic Party, who employed the tactic of suppression of minority voter rights, completed its takeover of  the now defunct, Republican Party, they took with them that same tactic into the shell under whose name they now operate.  What goes around comes around, and one day, when the old Southern Democrats, decide that there are better places than the shell of the Republican Party, and move on, the last few Republicans left standing will learn, first hand, all about voter suppression. 


My scconservative friends discount all those measurements of how much the economy has improved, under Obama, as having no validity, despite the fact that the same metrics, as used during the Bush Administration, are being used for the present one.  They are, however, hoping for an almost miraculous recovery, in the economy, about one minute after a Republican takes the oath of office of  POTUS. 

Friday, March 18, 2016


It is now mid-March, at this writing, and the G.O.P. feels that there is enough time, until the Republican Convention in July, to undo the primaries and nominate an alternative, to Donald Trump, to be the Presidential candidate of the Party.  At the same time, there is not enough time, before the elections, in November, to even consider a nominee for the Supreme Court.  

Republicans explain that an appointment to the Supreme Court is an act of governance, whereas the change of candidates is part of electioneering.  And as everyone knows, Republicans suck at the former but excel at the latter.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


When frustrated by, what seems to be almost continuous lying, by your, so-called, conservative friends, it should be remembered that, to them, they are not lying but rather, as Karl Rove explained it, "...when we act, we create our own reality"

That is why they can reject what, to you, are irrefutable facts,  in favor of living in their fact free little world.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Donald Trump says that he will not engage in any more debates.  He does not say whether that is for the primaries, only, or whether that would extend into the general election campaign, itself, should he win the nomination.

Whether or not he engages in debates against a Democratic opponent, I am sure that he will never turn over his tax returns either in the primaries or the general election.  I, personally, would be willing to make book, on that, and wonder if anyone is giving odds.


I believe that Bernie, far from being unsuccessful in his quest for the Presidential nomination, has accomplished more, to date, than he had ever hoped to achieve.  In the time honored role, of third party candidates, that have been so successful, in the past, in moving this nation to social progress, Sanders saw an opportunity to do the job as a Presidential nominee.  Not only was he correct in that, but he has succeeded  in making Hillary a superior campaigner than she was, and he has awakened the old social activist that has lain dormant in her all these years.  I believe she knows that and appreciates him more than she lets on.


The so-called "Biden" Rule has been cited, by Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, as being a justification for not even considering Obama's nomination to fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

Some time, in the not too distant, future, a Republican President will nominate a Supreme Court justice, in an election year, and will request an up or down vote on his nomination.  The Democrats will then bring up this "Biden Rule", on which the Republicans are basing their refusal to process the nomination.  Republicans will then, smirkingly, I am sure, inform the Democrats:

  • There is no such thing as the "Biden Rule".  The remarks by Biden was an opinion and not a precedent.
  • There was no nominations before the Senate, in 1992, when Biden made the remark and  therefore, would have been purely hypothetical.
  • Biden was referring to nominations posed by a President late in a Presidential year when there would not be adequate time to do the proper vetting of a candidate.  Biden indicated that a late summer date as being inadequate, certainly not March when there would be ample time.
  • Any utterance, by any Democrat, is only binding on Democrats and certainly not any Republican.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


A serious impediment to the goal, of many, to restore democracy to Cuba, may be the lack of being able to find anyone, still alive, to remember how that worked.  It has been a long time, even well before the arrival of the Castro brothers to the scene.

Friday, March 11, 2016


The Trump election campaign, for the nomination for President, has already broken the world's record for the most superlatives used about or by any single candidate.  A new one was recently broken, for the shortest time duration before a campaign promise is not honored.

A campaign promise was made by Trump, in January, to defray the legal expenses of anyone beating up a demonstrator at a Trump rally.  The event occurred a scant 2 months later; Trump broke his promise almost immediately, thereby earning his campaign another superlative.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Apparently, Republican voters are heading towards an Hobson's Choice. Whether to vote for a well meaning egotistical, clumsy oaf who could  blunder us into a war with a nuclear armed nation, or an egotistical, calculating one who could do it with brinksmanship that he thinks he can control.


Brave New World

by daedal2207
Clarence Thomas asks his first questions in ten years and jokes with Justice Bryer.Three women justices shred the arguments of the Texas attorney general.Teflon Don Trump barrels toward nomination despite assault of republican elite.Sanders hangs on despite being declared incapable of winning nomination.Cruz and Rubio descend into pre adolescent name calling.Hillary is now anti wall steer and pro union.Maybe populism isn't as toxic as the French revolution taught...."the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true"...
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Saturday, March 5, 2016


What has made the Constitution such a unique document is the carefully crafted system of checks and balances on different branches of the Government.  However, what was never  contemplated, by the Founding Fathers, was a system of checks and balances between the public and private sectors.

In recent times, by eliminating restrictions on, and even fostering the influence of money on the Government, there is an imbalance in the relative strength of each.  In effect, the private sector now owns the public sector, a topic of conversation not addressed in any Republican debate that I have heard, to date. 


Although it occurred only a matter of months ago, it seems to have been forgotten that Sen. Ted Cruz was intimately involved in not only attempting but even succeeding, on one occasion,  in using tactics, not specifically empowered by the Constitution, to close down the U.S. Government; extortion not a being one of the checks and balances contemplated by said document.

The threats, as well as the actual shut down has damaged the credit rating of the U.S.  Cruz, of course, has put the blame for the Government shut down on another branch of the Government, on the grounds that said branch could have avoided the shut down if only they had acceded to his wishes.

Donald Trump has been forced to affirm his disavowal of an endorsement by David Duke, several times, but no one has seen fit to ask Sen. Cruz whether he, as President, would take actions to shut down the Government if Congress did not accede to his executive authority.  Also not asked of him is whether, if he returns to Congress  he would again try to shut the Government down to get his way.     

Thursday, March 3, 2016


It is my opinion that the Republican Party was irretrievably fractured by the Iraq War and the Great Recession, during the Bush Administration.  Further, I believe, the only thing that has kept the fractured  party from breaking apart is the battle over the riches in the political spoils that the party accumulated during the past years. Republicans have the majority of the Statehouses in the country; the majority in both Houses of Congress; and until the death of Scalia, a majority of  the Justices on the Supreme Court.

It is only the success of Obama, in overcoming these obstacles, despite their great power, that has made Republicans willing to risk the actual breakup, to get the Presidency, as well, to complete their quest for total control of the political processes in these United States.

If past is prologue, the record of inconstancy, of the Democratic Party, bodes well for the Republican Party.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


We plead to those who want to emigrate to Canada, to stay here in the U.S.  Honestly, we need your vote; the Canadians are doing quite well without it.