Monday, March 21, 2016


The only real difference between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, when it comes to  campaign promises is that during the primaries, Romney stuck to a right wing message and only Etch-a-Sketched to the center, straddling most issues for the General.  Trump, on the other hand, secure that he is impervious to criticism, from his base, to anything he does, including murder on Fifth Avenue, is straddling issues before getting the nomination.  For Trump, what is important is to make the sale.  Campaign promises are only important for consummating the transaction, accordingly, he would see no ethical breach in making any promise whatsoever; not making the deal is the only sin, in his lexicon.

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  1. Thus exposing the heart of a rich capitalist. The difference is that Romney tried to lie to cover up the fact, whereas Trump relies on his lies to gain support.