Saturday, March 5, 2016


What has made the Constitution such a unique document is the carefully crafted system of checks and balances on different branches of the Government.  However, what was never  contemplated, by the Founding Fathers, was a system of checks and balances between the public and private sectors.

In recent times, by eliminating restrictions on, and even fostering the influence of money on the Government, there is an imbalance in the relative strength of each.  In effect, the private sector now owns the public sector, a topic of conversation not addressed in any Republican debate that I have heard, to date. 

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  1. Great observation with an excellent follow-up point.

    I've long noticed that Republicans are reticent to mention anything that doesn't follow their agenda. In those same debates, they disparage Iran, while failing to condemn N.Korea's actions involving missile launches and claimed nuclear bomb tests. They try to follow their scripts, just as Rubio has been accused of doing with his "robo-responses". They truly have no desire to debate actual issues addressing the electorate's concerns.