Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Donald Trump says that he will not engage in any more debates.  He does not say whether that is for the primaries, only, or whether that would extend into the general election campaign, itself, should he win the nomination.

Whether or not he engages in debates against a Democratic opponent, I am sure that he will never turn over his tax returns either in the primaries or the general election.  I, personally, would be willing to make book, on that, and wonder if anyone is giving odds.


  1. What about the entrance of anonymous? Might they not have the capacity to hack into the accounts and find the tax returns and put them out?

  2. I have no personal knowledge of whether they could or would disclose his tax returns. Unless they could come up with actual facsimiles of the return, Trump would just deny the accuracy of report. Since they are confidential, allegations about them can't really be documented.

  3. I am not aware of any instances where Anonymous has broken the law, though they have often been accused of such. Their recent release of Trump's personal info. (Soc. Sec. number, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) was being investigated by the FBI, Secret Service, and several news media sources as a crime, though none of them ever bothered to check to see if the info. wasn't readily available on the internet for years ... it was. It was only after Anonymous revealed their ruse that they were exonerated of charges and had proven that the right wing in America is moving America towards Fascism. Their ruse proved that point quite explicitly.