Friday, August 28, 2015


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Katrina, we should take the opportunity to remember that George W. Bush expanded the Americans with Disability Act to include Republicans who were unfortunate enough to lack qualifications for jobs.  Not only did Bush allow for  Michael Brown, disabled by his lack of experience, to still become the head of FEMA, but many Americans, lacking experience, to take Government positions in Iraq, and who served as well as Brownie.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Donald Trump's conservative foes are bringing up his progressive stances, in the past, in an attempt to discredit him.  His supporters claim that Trump has evolved on these issues.  I expect that the next attack, from his conservative enemies, is the very fact that he believes in evolution. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Donald Trump is endearing himself to the Republican base by giving the finger to the Republican establishment.  They should enjoy the moment.  If Trump gets the nomination, the base can expect to get that same finger, as Trump moves abruptly to the center to try to win the General Election.


Many of the people, who think that half of the Second Amendment entitles any resident to unrestricted access to weapons, have no compunction in stating that the 14th Amendment can be overridden by an act of Congress when it comes to right of citizenship.  What is sacrosanct in half the 2nd Amendment is profane in the entire  14th. What's more is, they say, that they have the firepower to back up their beliefs!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


According to G.O.P. canon, Obama receives no credit for record highs of the Dow but is responsible for any losses.  Under Obama, the stock market has suffered nothing but losses during his administration, whereas, conversely, George W. Bush had a sterling record, having been responsible only for gains.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Republicans are highly critical of President Obama's role in the August 24th stock sell off.   Obama showed no  empathy for the overprivileged or showed any concern that the sell off might affect year end bonuses of Wall Street personnel. Had the sell off occurred during the Bush Administration, things would have been handled quite differently with contingency plans, in place, for a bailout to save Christmas bonuses for hedge fund operators as was done in the last financial crisis.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Although I keep hearing that illegal aliens are having anchor babies, the only ones that I know of, were had by LEGAL aliens, in the U.S. on a tourist visa, who paid full price at an American hospital, for the privelege.  Knowing how things work, in the U.S., if the alien has enough money, she will receive gestational residence so her anchor baby will be born here with full citizen rights.


A saying, atributed to Lincoln, is that "you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time" which is, however, contrasted to P.T. Barnum's dictum that "there's a sucker born every minute".  There is something, in a large segment of the population, which makes being fooled, pleasurable.  There is a very old word, in the English lanuage, "trumpery" signifying "attractive articles of little or no value" which indicates that the trait has been around a long time.  Look it up.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Although I was 2 years old when Prohibition was ended, it took another 40 years to end the prohibition of abortion in the United States.  I lived almost half my life in a nation that prohibited abortion.  Anyone who thinks that ending legal abortion in the U.S. will stop abortions just doesn't know the history of the sunject. Abortions went on just as surely as did alcohol consumption while it was illegal in the U.S.  It cost a little more but it was available and was a source of income for the local police just as was the neighborhood speakeasy for another illegal activity, dinking liquor. 


Runor has it that  Vladimir Putin is salivating at the prospect of Donald Trump being elected to the Presidency and building a wall thereby enabling Putin to travel to Mexico and give a speech wherein he can say "Mr. Trump, tear down that wall!"

Monday, August 17, 2015


I have it on good authority that Mexico will agree to underwriting the cost of Mr. Trump's wall.  The condition that they have stipulated, however is that it be moved some 800 miles north of the Rio Grande thereby returning the land that was wrested from them by force of arms, in the 19th century.


Lemuel Gullible, votes Republican because they are fiscally responsible and will reduce the deficit.  When asked about the fact that in the past 35 years, all Republican Administrations have increased the deficit whereas all Democratic Administrations have reduced the deficit, Lemuel says, nevermind, he likes the way Republicans talk about reducing the deficit.

Lemuel, who once worked for the Government and had good pay and benefits, votes Republican because they will reduce the size of Government.  Reducing the size of Government means privatizing services which the public wants and needs.  This doesn't mean the public pays any less but does allow for increased income for investors who, after all, are the job creators.  Lemuel, who is now on the Government dole because he no longer makes a liveable wage,  says that, nevertheless, he likes Republican bumper stickers better than the Democratic ones.

Another thing Lemuel likes about the Republicans is that every 4 years, they come out strongly for immigration reform.  He doesn't mind, at all, the fact that then, Republicans proceed to do nothing because the issue is needed for the next Presidential campaign.


In 1947, one of the largest industrial disasters, ever, occurred in Texas City, Texas, killing over 500 people and destroying over a 1000 homes, and came about, in great part, through the ignorance of U.S. Coast Guard personnel, on the scene.  The Coast Guard ordered the closing of the hatches of a vessel whose cargo of ammonium nitrate was on fire  The Coast Guard official thought that by closing the hatches, the fire could be smothered, ignorant of the fact that ammonium nitrate is an oxidizing agent.  In effect, the vessel became a giant bomb when the gases being produced, in the fire, became confined.

For many years, as a Maritime Consultant, the transport of explosives, by sea, was an area in which I specialized.  Shipping was done in small vessels, usually under 1000 tons in deadweight capacity, whose holds could be flooded, by sea water, in the event of fire.  They operated between small ports where populations were less dense, but where officials could rigorously observe procedures. There was, to my knowledge, no serious accident involving commercial explosives, shipping in conventional vessels.  Coast Guard officials, however, became more convinced that it was safer to ship explosives in containers than to follow the disciplines in shipping by sea, in conventional vessels.  I, on the other hand, considered that each container would be a potential 20 ton bomb.

In the recent disaster, in Tianjin, China, a port through which China exports a large quantity of commercial explosives, the tragedy started in a container yard, where containers were awaiting shipment.  All that was needed was for a single container to explode, to set off a catastrophe.  To accurately gauge the potential damage, consider that the largest single bombs, containing non-nuclear explosives, were, so-called, 15 ton "Daisy Cutters" which devastated large areas when dropped by U.S. Forces in Viet Nam.


Sunday, August 9, 2015


Marco Rubio says that God has blessed the Republican Party with many good candidates and the Democrats have none.  "Not so fast", say the Democrats, "God has given us at least one and his name is Donald Trump".


After almost 7 months in office, during the George W. Bush Addministration, the greatest single act of terrorism on American soil occurred.  The then Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, asked "Who could have imagined that highjacked aircraft could be used as flying bombs", thus absolving her boss from blame.  Mr. Bush then invaded Iraq, ignoring voluminous documents in the State Department warning of sectarian violence that could be unleashed, destabilizing that country as well as the whole Middle East.  When criticised for not taking into account the Sunni/Shia problem, Bush again pled ignorance because he didn't do nuance.  Mr. Bush was rewarded, with a second term in office, by the American people.

A few feet from Chris Christi's desk in the Governor's office, sat an aide who sent an order to a Christi appointee, at the Port Authority, to cause traffic problems in Ft. Lee, N.J.  Since, Mr. Christi proclaimed his innocence because he was ignorant of something occuring a few feet from his desk, he is able to run for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Another such Presidential candidate, Scott Walker, sitting inches from an employee, who was illegally soliciting funds for Mr. Walker's campaign and is serving a prison sentence on her felony conviction, also claimed ignorance of  what was going on and is one of the front runners for the nomination.

To be fair, the Republicans do not automatically accept ignorance as a defense.  When the Internal Revenue Service, a quasi independent branch of the Government that was then being run by a Bush appointee, delayed issuing some tax exemptions, to the Tea Party,  Republicans insisted that Barack Obama was guilty of malfeasance in office, regardless of whether he even knew about it at the time, because, after all, it happened on his watch.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


There seems to be something comforting, in the fact that a major opponent of political correctness should disinvite Donald Trump, a major proponent of political incorrectness, from attending a meeting of  like minded followers, on the very grounds that Donald's comments were not politically acceptable.   

Friday, August 7, 2015


The extreme animosity, that a segment of our population feels toward Barack Obama, may stem less from racial  stereotyping, than from a distrust that they have, of any solution that does not come from the barrel of a gun.  They cannot understand why we cannot just carpet bomb the entire Middle East, excluding Israel, and resolve the problem just as we didn't do in Viet Nam.


At a time when most of the illegal immigration comes from migrants overstaying their visas, and contraband is coming from the sea, Messrs Trump and Kasich are talking about building a wall on the Mexican border.  Even if it will not solve any of our existing problems, think of the jobs that it will help provide our present day illegal immigranrts, most of whom work in the construction trades.