Monday, August 17, 2015


Lemuel Gullible, votes Republican because they are fiscally responsible and will reduce the deficit.  When asked about the fact that in the past 35 years, all Republican Administrations have increased the deficit whereas all Democratic Administrations have reduced the deficit, Lemuel says, nevermind, he likes the way Republicans talk about reducing the deficit.

Lemuel, who once worked for the Government and had good pay and benefits, votes Republican because they will reduce the size of Government.  Reducing the size of Government means privatizing services which the public wants and needs.  This doesn't mean the public pays any less but does allow for increased income for investors who, after all, are the job creators.  Lemuel, who is now on the Government dole because he no longer makes a liveable wage,  says that, nevertheless, he likes Republican bumper stickers better than the Democratic ones.

Another thing Lemuel likes about the Republicans is that every 4 years, they come out strongly for immigration reform.  He doesn't mind, at all, the fact that then, Republicans proceed to do nothing because the issue is needed for the next Presidential campaign.

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  1. He fits perfectly into today's conservative mold ... lots of baseless rhetoric; poor results.