Friday, August 21, 2015


Although I was 2 years old when Prohibition was ended, it took another 40 years to end the prohibition of abortion in the United States.  I lived almost half my life in a nation that prohibited abortion.  Anyone who thinks that ending legal abortion in the U.S. will stop abortions just doesn't know the history of the sunject. Abortions went on just as surely as did alcohol consumption while it was illegal in the U.S.  It cost a little more but it was available and was a source of income for the local police just as was the neighborhood speakeasy for another illegal activity, dinking liquor. 

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  1. Logically, alcohol causes more deaths, directly and indirectly, than abortion does (if you even consider abortion a death as Pro-Lifers claim), so it's hypocritical on their part to ban the one and allow the other. But then, we know Pro-Lifers are often hypocrites.