Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Donald Trump is endearing himself to the Republican base by giving the finger to the Republican establishment.  They should enjoy the moment.  If Trump gets the nomination, the base can expect to get that same finger, as Trump moves abruptly to the center to try to win the General Election.


  1. Please describe his base. A bunch of hatemongers? How do you go to the center of hate? This is unleashing the Furies. And, we have no empathy for the lack of civility displayed by the disenfranchised?! This is no longer a joke. One thing is a snowball fight ... another an avalanche. Appealing to the worst in human nature as a solution can have uncontrollable repercussions. There's enough historical record for that. Let's bring respect back into the discourse. Now, I'll sit down and shut up ... before I get deported.

  2. My short comment would be that in Trump's case, it's business as usual. Susanna, You're Fired! ~ *memo from Trump*