Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Who knew that the man who insulted women's faces, men's manhood, the courage of heroes, everyone of his foes, mercilessly, could make all those different whines when confronted by a little adversity.  When a judge, whom he insults, hands down a decision Donald, the little old whine maker, wails about Mexican judges. He brags, publically, to reporters bout how generous he is to veterans, but when, months later, the reporters ask him about those donations, he hurredly makes some and then moans and groans about how unfairly he is being treated by the press. Oh but that man is a master whine maker, all right.


Those interested in the finances of Donald J. Trump may be going about it in the wrong way.  Instead of asking him about his sources of income, we should be asking him about his expenditures, instead. Now that is information designed to build one's ego, and Donald spends a lot  to keep up appearances.

When one considers his 5th Avenue apartment, his 3 trophy wives,  his Palm Beach mansion, his airplane and other items of conspicuous consumption, one can understand his need to hustle, for new business, to make a quick buck.

What may take a bit longer to understand, is how it is possible to elect him to the Presidency, and not evoke the old adage about a fox being set to guard the henhouse?


If only they had offered a course in  Constructive Bankruptcy 101, Trump U. could easily have demonstrated its seriousness and academic utility.  As it is, needlessly, there are disgruntled students unhappy about their education or  lack, thereof. 

Monday, May 30, 2016


The largest G.O.P. donors, rattled by Trump's allegations, in the primaries, that because he was self-financing his election campaign, he would not be under any obligation to the monied interests.  Now that the primaries are over, Trump has revealed that his campaign ploy was not really true and he needs their help desperately.  They are breathing a lot better now and will start to get out those old checkbooks, now. 

Friday, May 27, 2016


At the rate that Trump has been changing his positions, voiced during his primary campaign, by the time of the General Election, in November, 2016, all the things that may have attracted voters to vote for him in their Primary,  will have been revised.  I wonder if any of his supporters will even notice.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Earlier this year, I posted an entry, to this log, wherein I offered to bet that the Donald would not release his tax returns.  Since subsequent events indicate that this is no longer a subject for a gamble, since he has publicly indicated that he will not do so, that offer must be rescinded.

In that same offer, I conjectured that he would, likewise, refuse to debate in the General Election.  The groundwork, for such a refusal has already been laid with an offer, made this date, by Trump, to debate Bernie Sanders only for money, in the amount of $10 million to $15 million, to be donated to a charity.  Trump has already demonstrated, by diverting funds, supposedly to be given to veterans, to his own coffers, that for him charity begins at home, although there is a rumored non-profit, set up in the Cayman Islands, dedicated to providing wearing apparel to needy trophy wives that could receive such donations.  

I might consider extending an offer to accept bets on Trump's agreeing to debate the Democratic nominee only if the debate is not held on any Fox News affiliate, since, per the truce agreement with Roger Ailes, only soft ball questions would be asked of him and that and the money might motivate a decision to accept a single debate.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The Donald complains that he was forced to begin  a campaign of dirty, politics of personal  destruction against Hillary and Bill Clinton only in self-defense, and that is why he is using 20 year old unproven allegations to tear down their reputation.

 There may be merit to his argument.  In Republican circles, use of undoctored video tape and quoting  statements, verbatim, from 6 month old events, is  decidedly politically uncivilized.   


As a preemptive  against Obama's anticipated beginning stump speeches, shortly after the Democratic Convention, I fully expect Trump to begin circulating pictures of Michelle in her sleeveless dress.  Barak will be severely criticized because Michelle bared her unclothed arms, thereby undermining his ability to criticize the Donald.

If Trump is asked about  those pictures of Melania circulating on the Internet, Trump will, I am sure, rightfully, reply: "Yes, but nobody was looking at her bare arms, so there."


The whole series of disasters which took place under the Bush Administration, which ended a full 8 years ago, is ancient history and apparently has no connection to the present Republican Party. On the other hand, smear machine scandals of about 20 years ago, involving Democratic Party principles, are apparently current and relevant to the present election.  

Monday, May 23, 2016


Trump calls Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary", but while she has made every single one of her tax returns, from 1977 to date, public, Trump refuses to make a single one available.  But, as a Republican, you are not permitted to ask the question all Democrats, unwilling to release records must face, namely, "If you have nothing to hide, why won't you release the records?"  

Since audits don't last 32 years, who is the crooked one, who has something to hide?


We live in a world where "A well regulated militia" means "Gun sales shall be unrestricted" and "freedom of religion" means "I'm exempted from the laws y'all have to follow".

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Throughout the the entire time of the Obama Administration, the N.R.A. and its spokespeople have insisted that Obama was going to take away people's guns.  As the months dwindle down to a very few, there has been not a scintilla of evidence that this would happen.  With so little time left, it has fallen on Donald Trump to pass the baton to another candidate to be the target of  the canard. Trump has done so at his recent talk before the N.R.A  He.  categorically stated that it is now Hillary Clinton who  will take their guns away. 

The N.R.A. followers have dutifully accepted that it is she who will do the job despite having been misinformed, for more than 7 years now about Obama, seemingly proving, once again,the validity of the statement that our Creator has chosen to place no boundaries on mankind's stupidity.


The recent downing of an Egyptair jet provides a prime example of the Donald's modus operandum.  Immediately after the news of the disappearance of the aircraft, Trump not only stated, unequivocally, that it was an act of terrorism but intimated that if was the fault of the Obama administration,

Should he be proven correct that it was downed by an act of terrorism, he will crow about his prescience and judgement. Should it turn out otherwise, he will say that it was just a suggestion.

If he becomes President and a similar event occurs during his administration, and receives criticism for it,  he will be the first to bewail the unfairness in criticising him for the loss of a plane, not under American jurisdiction, taking off from another foreign country  and being lost over the waters of yet another foreign country.

Mr. Rump cannot lose for the winning.  

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Isn't it about time that Democrats heeded the advice, of Donald Trump, that would, with little or no cost, resolve the problem of ISIS, in an instant?  If only , he assures us, Democrats would use the term "Islamic Extremism", the problem of terrorism will be resolved.  He indicates that he will do this on his first day in office, taking care of that problem, first thing so he can devote his second hour, in the Presidency, to some really pressing problems.


Remember that wall that the Donald was going to build, and have Mexico pay for?  Turns out, according to a Trump spokesman, it is going to be a virtual wall, probably paid for in virtual Mexican pesos, which I'm sure will keep out millions of virtual illegal immigrants. 

Remember that deportation of all illegal immigrants? Well, those mass deportations, according to the same spokesman, will be rhetorical, which probably means that the constant rhetoric of the Trump campaign will probably cause the illegals to self-deport, another favorite tactic of G.O.P. candidates.

Only a cynic would have the bad manners to note that these clarifications come AFTER Trump has won the primaries.


After 8 years of hard times, America is poised on the brink of becoming great again, with the election of a man who promises  to return us to a time when an ill-prepared man, relying on seasoned experts, can be President of the U.S.  A President, who like President Bush, with the expert help of  Dick Cheney, could preside over a happy America.  

Trump, like Bush, can act decisively regardless of the consequences, as evidenced by his lightning like decision in ascertaining that Egyptair flight accident was a terrorist attack, minutes after it occurred.  For a great nation to act, investigations are not necessary; only great nations can invade the wrong country.

With Trump, we can go back to not have to worry about deficit spending, or providing tax cuts to the wealthy.  Happy days will be here again!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Mr. Trump, you say that your tax returns are being audited by the I.R.S. for which reason you are unable to provide them to the public.  Unless, a tax return has not been filed, at all, the I.R.S. normally abides by the 3 year statute of limitations and in a few cases will extend that to a six year limit.  Assuming that you have filed tax returns, are any of your tax returns, whose audits have been long completed, available for the public?  You have been in business now for over 45 years.  Assuming that all are not still being audited, are any tax returns, from any of those years, available for the public to view?

I fear. that not only will the questions not be asked but, if asked, will not receive an intelligible answer

Monday, May 16, 2016


Recent attacks, by Donald Trump, on Bill Clinton for sexual transgressions, some 20 years ago, might give credence to Conservative's efforts to return to traditional Biblical marriage.

Under Biblical law, a married man having sexual relations with an unmarried women was not committing adultery.  Bill could not be accused of  being an adulterer, Hillary could not be labeled an "enabler" and we might have been spared the regurgitation of the 90s vomit that we suffered ad nauseum, at the time.

There is something to be said for the Holy Bible,after all.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Particularly galling to me is to see how Republicans have framed the issue of access to bathrooms, by transgenders, as a new attack, by President Obama, on the rights of people.  Up to the ninth decade, of my life, I had never even heard of the problem even existing.

The problem, it seems, never even arose in all those years.  I'm sure that transgender people existed in all those years, on the planet, and I am certain they had to use public bathrooms, but not a single word did I ever hear about it until Republican legislators saw fit to regulate access.  Of course, it is now a problem of Obama wanting to interfere in their right to deprive others of their rights.


Dear Bernie: 

Since 1964, I have been a card carrying, registered Independent, thus almost, if not more, as many years as you, and like you a temporary Democrat ally.  Additionally,  for the past 16 years there has not been even a glimmer of daylight between our positions or priorities.

Why then do I feel. despite believing that you are doing the single most important work in this election, that Hillary is the better Presidential candidate?  The answer is triune: 2018; the very nature of  our Federal compact and its Presidency; and the importance of the work you are doing.

In 2008, fueled by the enthusiasm of our youth, we elected our first black President only to undercut him in 2010  because of impatience with the processes of our government.  Our young people had a revolutionary President that they supported in a General Election year and then turned the Legislative branch over to a Party dedicated to blocking their own President.  Revolutions from the top have a sad record, indeed.

Our nation exists only as a result of  a set of compromises between diverse geographic areas.  It is ungovernable without those compromises.  The Presidency, itself, with not only a head of Sate as well as head of Government, invested in the same person, but with the Chief Operating Officer as well.  The sheer weight of Presidential duties makes for a poor Revolutionary-in-Chief.

The best thing Bernie Sanders has going for him is to have a policy wonk who has a mastery of the nitty gritty of governance, running things while he can do the important work of building a Revolutionary Wing of the Democratic Party, from the ground up.

Don't stop doing what you're doing, Bernie, but dedicate your time and efforts to that job, full time.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


While Trump, in an interview, by Stephanopoulis, refused to reveal his tax rate, he did indicate that he paid as little as possible.  Since the greatest factor in the wealth gap, in this nation, is the inequity in tax rates, inflicted on the working poor and the middle class and the very wealthy, we know Trump is part of the problem but probably not of the solution.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


The same media pundits who are so critical of Hillary Clinton for not releasing transcripts of her speeches "if she has nothing to hide", are, this morning, circling the the wagons to defend the decision, by Donald J. Trump, to not release his tax returns because "of course, he has nothing to hide."

These pundits have no comment on Hillary's challenge, for Trump to release his speech transcripts, at the same time that she does.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Donald Trump has, rightfully, become the presumptive nominee, for the Republican Party, by clearly outclassing his nearest rival, Ted Cruz, in the most important metric of the party.  No other candidate even comes close to the number and scope of prevarications of candidate Trump, as judged by an independent rating source, Politifact.  Clearly, the G.O.P. is looking forward to big things, in this regard, in the General Election.

Monday, May 2, 2016


New post on The Octogenarians

The woman card in a game of no Trump.

by daedal2207
The response of the republican faithful to the Trump candidacy has been startling.Accusations have flown that he is no true conservative,that his acerbic attacks on Mexicans,immigrants in general,and particularly women, makes him duck soup for an opposing democrat.Certainly Hillary Clinton and maybe even Bernie Sanders.His remaining competition is down to Kasich( no chance) and Cruz who has been called "Lucifer in the flesh" and "the meanest s.o.b.I've ever tried to work with"by John Boehner,former speaker of the house and still beaming from his interchange with Pope Francis.Perhaps that meeting with the Pope gives him more credibility than normal in recognizing a devil incarnate.
The assault of the Trump...eters on the inequity issue has legs.Two 2015 contributions to Alternet by Paul Krugman tell us why.In one of the articles he indicates the false beliefs about the poor held to by the rich.In the other he indicates that holding on to economic power through the control of political power is what conservatism is all about.When the rubber hits the road, it comes down to denying the impact of demographic change through control of voting laws and preventing tax and immigration reform.So he has given us the explanation for government to be shut down or rendered ineffective.Since the federal government is the only aspect of governance with the power to directly augment the power of the poor,new migrants,minorities(visible)and yes,women...stop the government from working!The last person to seriously pursue government shutdown happens to be John Boehner's Prince of Darkness a man named Cruz!
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