Sunday, May 15, 2016


Particularly galling to me is to see how Republicans have framed the issue of access to bathrooms, by transgenders, as a new attack, by President Obama, on the rights of people.  Up to the ninth decade, of my life, I had never even heard of the problem even existing.

The problem, it seems, never even arose in all those years.  I'm sure that transgender people existed in all those years, on the planet, and I am certain they had to use public bathrooms, but not a single word did I ever hear about it until Republican legislators saw fit to regulate access.  Of course, it is now a problem of Obama wanting to interfere in their right to deprive others of their rights.

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  1. Republicans are known to pass "resistance laws" in order to prevent others in minority groups from enjoying the same privileges that they have. There is never an actual problem in any of these cases, only fear factoring in order to promote the desired discriminations. Examples of Republicans passing resistance laws rather than giving up any of their self-endowed privileges: bathroom laws, Jim Crow laws, marriage equality laws, anti-abortion laws, right-to-work laws, voter restriction laws, and a myriad of others. All are legislated in order to protect the repressive groups' privilege, by denying the rights and freedoms of the repressed groups.