Thursday, May 26, 2016


Earlier this year, I posted an entry, to this log, wherein I offered to bet that the Donald would not release his tax returns.  Since subsequent events indicate that this is no longer a subject for a gamble, since he has publicly indicated that he will not do so, that offer must be rescinded.

In that same offer, I conjectured that he would, likewise, refuse to debate in the General Election.  The groundwork, for such a refusal has already been laid with an offer, made this date, by Trump, to debate Bernie Sanders only for money, in the amount of $10 million to $15 million, to be donated to a charity.  Trump has already demonstrated, by diverting funds, supposedly to be given to veterans, to his own coffers, that for him charity begins at home, although there is a rumored non-profit, set up in the Cayman Islands, dedicated to providing wearing apparel to needy trophy wives that could receive such donations.  

I might consider extending an offer to accept bets on Trump's agreeing to debate the Democratic nominee only if the debate is not held on any Fox News affiliate, since, per the truce agreement with Roger Ailes, only soft ball questions would be asked of him and that and the money might motivate a decision to accept a single debate.


  1. If Trump were to debate Clinton on issues, she would destroy him. If a debate were to be moderated to include only misogynistic and misandrist insults and character attacks, Trump would have the advantage of debating to his strengths.

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