Monday, May 23, 2016


Trump calls Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary", but while she has made every single one of her tax returns, from 1977 to date, public, Trump refuses to make a single one available.  But, as a Republican, you are not permitted to ask the question all Democrats, unwilling to release records must face, namely, "If you have nothing to hide, why won't you release the records?"  

Since audits don't last 32 years, who is the crooked one, who has something to hide?

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  1. Although Trump has no legal obligation to release his returns, he is following the Republican protocol for non-disclosure. Republicans have held more closed sessions, secret hearings, and closed rules (when they even follow the rules) than ever before in our history. Bush "lost" over 5 million emails, Reagan couldn't remember the Iran Contra deal ... all in all, I'd say Trump is the perfect Republican candidate.