Sunday, May 15, 2016


Dear Bernie: 

Since 1964, I have been a card carrying, registered Independent, thus almost, if not more, as many years as you, and like you a temporary Democrat ally.  Additionally,  for the past 16 years there has not been even a glimmer of daylight between our positions or priorities.

Why then do I feel. despite believing that you are doing the single most important work in this election, that Hillary is the better Presidential candidate?  The answer is triune: 2018; the very nature of  our Federal compact and its Presidency; and the importance of the work you are doing.

In 2008, fueled by the enthusiasm of our youth, we elected our first black President only to undercut him in 2010  because of impatience with the processes of our government.  Our young people had a revolutionary President that they supported in a General Election year and then turned the Legislative branch over to a Party dedicated to blocking their own President.  Revolutions from the top have a sad record, indeed.

Our nation exists only as a result of  a set of compromises between diverse geographic areas.  It is ungovernable without those compromises.  The Presidency, itself, with not only a head of Sate as well as head of Government, invested in the same person, but with the Chief Operating Officer as well.  The sheer weight of Presidential duties makes for a poor Revolutionary-in-Chief.

The best thing Bernie Sanders has going for him is to have a policy wonk who has a mastery of the nitty gritty of governance, running things while he can do the important work of building a Revolutionary Wing of the Democratic Party, from the ground up.

Don't stop doing what you're doing, Bernie, but dedicate your time and efforts to that job, full time.

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  1. I believe the main thing to remember come November is to "Get Out To Vote". The presidency, congress, and the Supreme Court are all riding in the balance. Vote for the candidates who will best serve your interests in the coming years ... or suffer the consequences of the ones who won't.