Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Who knew that the man who insulted women's faces, men's manhood, the courage of heroes, everyone of his foes, mercilessly, could make all those different whines when confronted by a little adversity.  When a judge, whom he insults, hands down a decision Donald, the little old whine maker, wails about Mexican judges. He brags, publically, to reporters bout how generous he is to veterans, but when, months later, the reporters ask him about those donations, he hurredly makes some and then moans and groans about how unfairly he is being treated by the press. Oh but that man is a master whine maker, all right.


  1. As well as being a master whine maker, he has mastered the art of confirmation bias in his assaults and insults against political foe. At his next reception, he will be serving Whine and Cheezus Crisps, a Trump brand confection made with the finest ingredients from Mexico, I mean "Made Grated in America Again". The trademarked slogan for the Cheezus Crisps brand is "In queso emergency, pray to Cheezus, break glass, and Whine"