Friday, December 30, 2016


I suppose the December 8, 1941 headlines, under a Trump Presidency, would have read something like this:




Thursday, December 29, 2016


 John Kerry's impassioned plea to keep alive the 2 state solution, to which all American President, since 1947, have backed, and Netanyahu's self-serving rationalizations for thievery, as rebuttal,  notwithstanding, the most cogent argument that I heard was that of a pundit who said that Israel had already made it a de facto single state, and that the issue between Israelis and Palestinians now was that of civil rights including the right to vote, for the Palestinians.

She compared the situation to that of South Africa where eventually the situation was eventually resolved in favor of those seeking suffrage.

If the pundit is correct, and it is too late, Bibi, once again, will be proven one of Israel's shrewdest men, but also one who was least wise.


I wish President Obama would avoid hypotheticals which Trump could grab upon to make claims.  There is nothing like a claim that cannot be fact checked, where Trump does not shine.

Even though simple mathematics would justify Obama's remark, as to his electability for a third term if the law permitted, since Obama
who not only had a high approval rate among the electorate, would have easily garnered Hillary's votes which gave her a 2.8 million more votes than Trump obtained, plus those of voters who wavered because of her emails.  A Trump claim to the contrary costs him nothing and can't be disproven to boot. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Netanyahu is rallying the Israeli people against Obama for not vetoing a resolution before the U.N. Security Council.  The hate directed against Obama is not for an affirmative vote but for an abstention.  In the meantime, all of the remaining Permanent Members of the Security Council, France, U.K. , Russia and China, voted for the resolution.  To be fair, will Netanyahu be able to muster enough hatred to go around?

Monday, December 26, 2016


Israeli Prime Ministers are accustomed to keeping American Presidents as their pet poodles.  Pets that are expected to be loyal and obedient despite how badly they are treated by their owners.

It is small wonder that Netanyahu is livid that he has a disobedient pet poodle on his hands, in Barack Obama, who refused a direct order to veto an item before the Security Council.

Probably, even more troubling to him is that the incoming President
is, himself, the pet poodle of another President and will have to check first with him before doing anything for Bibi.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Donald Trump holds a card which in a single stroke change the present partisan attitude, in Washington, and might start a healing process the nation sorely needs.  

If he were to renominate Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee for Scalia's seat, to the Supreme Court, there could be a sea change. Garland had support from both sides of the aisle before Repub- licans decided to politicize the nomination process. 

Additionally, his nomination may be the only way for Trump to actually have one of his nominees even get a vote through the Senate, unless Republicans go nuclear which could have extreme consequences, for them, 2 years hence.  

Friday, December 23, 2016


The question that should be asked is not why Trump and Netanyahu did not ask Putin to veto the U.N. resolution but why did he turn them down?  His reported reply was, "Do you think I'm crazy enough to have both of the largest Muslim sects unite against me?  What do you think I have Donald for?" 


I wonder why neither Trump nor Bibi tried to put pressure on Putin to veto the U.N. resolution against more Israeli settlements on the West Bank, instead of on Barack Obama.  It certainly was in the power of Vladimir, their new found friend do do so, but instead wanted Barack to go against his long stated principles, indeed, the long stated principles of every U.S. President for the past 60 years for a 2 state solution, for the Israeli-Palestinian problem.


The Golden Age, that Donald Trump alluded to when he promised to "Make America Great Again", according to a tweet sent out this morning, appears to be the 1950s, when we were in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union.

It was a time when our schoolkids got more exercise just by hiding under their desks during frequent air raid drills and the construction trades were kept busy making fallout shelters.  We built an Interstate highway system.  Our young men didn't have to work for less than liveable wages, because we had a draft that could keep them off the street for four (4) years.

White Americans could exercise their God given rights to discriminate against all sorts of minorities without let or hinderance.  Americans could once again freely declare bankruptcy
to discharge their medical bills.

Of course, there were a few rough spots that Trump will eliminate, like a 90% marginal tax rate, for the "job creators", who will be allowed to rebuild our infrastructure, with tax payer money assistance but retaining rights to collect tolls for their use.

Oh those were the days all right, and Trump will make them even greater still, for America's owners! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016


White supremacists are incensed over remarks by Democratic Senators that they will obstruct legislation in the same way the Republicans consistently obstructed the Obama agenda.

They call such remarks eminently racist because they are threatening to treat Republican Senators as if they were blacks.


As Trump supporters are learning, on a continuing basis, is that most of his campaign promises were, as he has freely admitted,  to win the election, which practice is now validated by that win, so no further action is required.

  Some of those promises would have been impossible to fulfill anyway.  Take Trump's promises to have companies bring back jobs that were taken overseas, or to keep U.S. plants from moving overseas to begin with so unemployment would be curtailed.  The first case was that presented by the Carrier company wanting to move a plant from Indiana. 

 The solution was to give the company State Government money to keep part of the plant operating in Indiana,  The company pocketed the money and kept the part of the plant that they had intended to keep anyway and applied the money towards the automation of the plant which only postpones the firing of the employees for a few years until installation of machinery is completed.  

The "Carrier solution" only demonstrates a much deeper problem for the U.S.  One which could bring this nation to it's knees.  While Carrier, by using automation to produce consumer goods, very cheaply, in large quantities, they are reducing the pool of consumers able to purchase the output of these machines.

Multiply the Carrier situation by thousands of companies, in the U.S., that, similarly, are investing in robotics to increase production at the same time the reduce personnel and one can see the problem of overproduction we may be facing.  In the past we expected this particular problem would be solved through a combination of wealth distribution through Public Works and a social net, which, however, today's corporations are reluctant to help finance through taxes even though the tax base is being eroded by increasing unemployment owing to work force reductions.

Mr. Trump may fail in his quest to bring back jobs because the jobs are being eliminated everywhere,    


Sunday, December 18, 2016


Although Vladimir Putin seems to receive much adulation, from a segment of the American people, at least by comparison to the more circumspect approach of Barack Obama, the foreign policy of the latter may come to be more esteemed, by the people of their respective countries, than the former.

While both the West (U.S. and Europe) and Russia have been beset by terror attacks from groups that have arisen from the Sunni populations of Islam, they stem from different sources.  Terror attacks against the West results from the fallout of the Bush invasion of Iraq which unwittingly installed a Shia government in what was formerly a secular Baathist one, whereas Putin is faced with a breakaway nationalistic movement.

While Obama was trying to excise the bad actors with a scalpel, Putin has escalated the religious aspect of the conflict, in his country, by using brute force in Syria, to support a Shiite minority in a land having a Sunni majority.

The Sunnis outnumber the Shia by close to 3 to 1, in the world, and in addition, only Sunni Muslim nations have, at the moment, nuclear weapons. By attacking the majority Sunni natives of Syria, rebelling against a Shia minority represented by Assad, at the same time Sunnis are chafing at the Russian domination of Chechnya,  I fail to see how Putin is acting wisely; I think we, in the U.S. will reap the whirlwind if Trump leads us down the Putin path.

At a time when Obama's policies, were painstakingly clawing its way to reaching detente with the Sunnis, Trump looks hell bent on ruining those efforts by backing Putin in backing the Shia which makes us their enemies friend once again. 

Friday, December 16, 2016


One day, in the not to distant future, China will use its hackers to aid a Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Throughout the land, will be heard an uproar; a whining; a gnashing of teeth,as never has been heard before, emanating from the Republican Party,  who will label it as the worst betrayal ever to be inflicted, on the American public.

If that Democratic candidate wins the election, drums will sound, across the Continent, calling for action to nullify the election and ignoring the request to move on without a new election. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Although I hear loud criticism of the fact that the President Elect, Donald Trump is allowing his family, who are partners in his business ventures, to sit in on his official discussions with private sector interests, it should be remembered that there is ample evidence of Presidents blending private family business with Government functions.  For example, during the 20th Century, both the Trujillo family of the Dominican Republic and the Samozas of Nicaragua ran both countries as family businesses for many years, successfully, at least for the families. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Recent reported collaboration between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may bring a realignment among power blocs in the world. China and Continental Europe may draw closer, possibly along with Sunni Arab nations and possibly Japan, while at the same time Iran becomes closer to Russia and the U.S.  Israel may be forced to readjust its status with everybody.

In any event, it looks as if there is a possibility that 75 years of carefully crafted treaties and relationships may be out the  window as a result of the 2016 election.


Elections have consequences,  That's why President Putin gets to nominate our Secretary of State.


Reality remains completely unchanged by denial, by ideology, by fake news or by repetition.  Bumper stickers or clever slogans won't do it either  

Call reality a lie and it will remain reality no matter the number of times it is called untrue.  No matter the number of times global warming is called a Chinese hoax, sea levels will continue to rise.  Call evolution a lie, and microbes will, nevertheless continue to evolve, oblivious to a contrary opinion.

Fixing the facts to the ideology, doesn't change the facts an iota, or make a whit of difference to the eventual outcome.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Donald J. Trump is certainly underappreciated in one area, and that is for being a champion for freedom, for billionaires, to participate in electoral politics.  

By changing precedents so that release of income tax returns is no longer required, of them. or even the divestiture of their business holdings to avoid conflicts of interest, many more zillionaires can be encouraged to run for office and that's a  good thing for democracy, isn't it?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I see where Donald J. Trump calls that "black Kenyan Socialist Usurper" , Barack Obama, a "Very good man".  Any day now, I expect to hear him call "crooked Hillary", Mother Teresa.  Having won the election, Trump feels shriven.

Monday, December 5, 2016


V.P.-Elect Pence, in commenting on a false Trump statement, described it as "refreshing".  He may have a point, when one considers the dearth of untruths, during the Obama Administration. 

It is easy to understand how people can become bored with being told only the truth, day after day, and, after 8 years,  why they might welcome having another Scammander-in-Chief back in the Oval Office.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Yesterday evening, I posted an item titled "Big League Headaches" which dealt in part with our relations with China.  This morning I received an article, excerpting parts of last night's Rachel Maddow Show" about the China/Taiwan relationship and the way, dating even from the days of Richard Nixon, in which a mutually beneficial accommodation was reached between the U.S. and China which Trump's clumsiness is, either unknowingly or willfully, in danger of upsetting.  For those interested, the Rachel Maddow article may be reached at:

I have received a reply to my post, from an old friend, reminding me that China had already informed us that they were aware of Trump's lack of understanding of these matters and would overlook it. I, on the other hand, although agreeing with my friend on the Chinese forbearance, with Trump the private citizen but not Trump the President and Head of Government.  Unless Trump is given a forced crash course in foreign affairs, China can and will retaliate.

When reviewing their options, which range from fomenting trouble between North Korea and South Korea to which we would have to respond, stretching our military forces occupied with fighting ISIS, to threatening Taiwan, itself, with conventional forces to which we would have to respond, again straining our military. too, if they chose to, reach a detente with Putin who would welcome the go- ahead to go after the Baltic States while the U.S has to cope with a possible 4 front war, spending trillions of borrowed dollars just to satisfy their President's desire for a few hotels in Taiwan 


I have lived through the Administrations of 15 Presidents and only once before did I hear the Presidents supporters plead "Give him a chance".  He, like the present President-elect was inexperienced in addition to having won with fewer popular votes than his rival.  His administration was a complete disaster and easily the worst, in my lifetime,  But the question remains, why are Trump's supporters pleading for us to "give him a chance"?  Trump surely has the Electoral College votes; both Houses of Congress are in Republican hands and shortly a majority of Justices on the Supreme Court will have been appointed by Republicans.  Why then are Trump supporters pleading "give him  chance"?  Do they feel the same foreboding as the rest of us and asking us to back up their political opinion to help them cope with their own dread? 

Saturday, December 3, 2016


To demonstrate the agility and  flexibility required by our next Secretary of State, let's take a look at at our current international situation after the General Election:

For the past two decades our military has been designed to be a strike force without real capacity to take and hold ground.  It is designed to hold off an aggressor for a time so that our allies can mobilize the needed land forces.  The new President Elect has, to a limited extent, even before taking office, destabilized our alliances. Not only has he shaken our allies, in Europe, by becoming close to Vladimir Putin, but now by nominating an Iran hawk to head the Department of Defense, rattled both Russia and Iran, on one hand but  Arabia and Israel on the other.  Syria is a client state of Russia.  at the same time, its Government is being propped up by the Shiite Government of Iran.  If hostilities breakout between Iran and the U.S. Russia will probably choose to back Iran.  An open alliance between Russia and Iran is sure to spook both Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Meanwhile, our amateur President-elect has touched a raw nerve, with China, by either taking a call or calling a potential client for a hotel in Taiwan, and may initiate aggressive actions against Taiwan which may require sending forces to Southeast Asia at the same time we are engaged in Syria fighting a Sunni ISIS.

Trump could pour additional fuel on a potential fire by rattling atomic sabers forgetting that both China and Russia  have sufficient weapons to warn us  of Mutually Assured Destruction in the event of nuclear war.  Our relationship with the Kurds who are supplying us with trained ground troops against ISIS is hurting our relations with Turkey whose air bases are essential, for us, in the Mid-East.  Into this complicated mess, we do not need bull-in-the China shop types like John Bolton or Mad Dog Mattis, Rudy Giuliani or our new President-elect. The only two Republicans I can think of who understand the game ar Kissinger, Colin Powell, and possibly Condoleeza Rice but there may be some experienced State Department hands who could fit the bill, as well, but a bad choice could be most dangerous.

During WW II when faced with a two front war, the U.S. made sure it had peaceful relations with Mexico and the rest of Latin America. At the moment, we may have fence mending, not fence building with those Mexican "rapists".  If Putin wishes, he can proceed to take over the Baltic States at a time when NATO has been shaken by prospects of a Trump-Putin Axis.  Putin can, likewise offer a pact with China, who now are really offended by Trump, and scare the pants off Japan and the rest of Southeast Asia who rely on the U.S umbrella for protection from China.

The guy hasn't even taken the Oath of Office and he has given us Big League headaches.



When Trump blames other countries for taking away jobs, he is really deflecting blame from American businessmen and entrepreneurs like himself.  It was they who first went to Japan and subsequently other countries looking for dealerships; it was they who inundated Southeast Asia with American buyers, with contracts in hand, to produce goods, at lower prices to market in the U.S.  It was they who invested in plants all over the world, all the while making sure that the American tax code allowed them to deduct their moving expenses from their U.S. taxes. It was American businesses themselves that benefited from moving their manufacturing plants, overseas.  How can Trump blame Japan and China for American investments?


One of the unheralded pillars of the economy of the U.S. is that the U.S. dollar is the only currency fully accepted throughout the world.  It facilitates international trade ad allows our economy flexibility unmatched  by any other nation. The acceptance stems from a delicate mix of military might, civil stability, a defined code of conduct in international relations along with a reputation for rule of law.  

By electing Donald Trump to the Presidency, we have already weakened the basis on which our currency rests.  We have already started the process of eroding our international relationships with uncertainty and our reputation for rule of law.

When the potential Head of Government threatens jail for a political rival, even when an investigative body has cleared her and that same person upsets the established international order, he is setting the grounds for uncertainty that  will eventually threaten our currency.


In the late 1950s, business matters took me on frequent visits to Cuba thus saw Cuba before Fidel, during the time of the Dictator Batista, during the rebellion against him, and at the time of the triumphant arrival, after Batista fled the island, of Fidel, in Havana.

Let it be said that, despite being a rather vocal critic of Fidel, I have always been sympathetic to him.  I have always felt that he was sincere in trying to resolve the problems of Cuba, which were real and palpable, even as I disagreed with how he went about it.  I felt that he should have used, as a model, another island State, authoritarian Singapore, rather than swallow the completely alien, and unproven doctrine of Marxism-Leninism.  

When Fidel came down from the Sierra Maestra he had the complete and utter devotion of the Cuban people and he could have led them to an indigenous solution to the problem of reforming Cuba, while becoming a non-aligned nation and out of the Cold War.  Instead altar boy Fidel, though an intellectual, exchanged the Bible for another off-the-shelf  catechism, instead of writing his own. 


Since Trump signalled, prior to the election, that he would assume that any loss would be by "rigging" and he would request recounts, he surely knows that his opponents might go the same route if he won.  

The question is why is he so upset.  Perhaps, the reason is that after having declared 2 millions of votes in Hillary's favor, over Trump, to have been by illegals, he may have to go back and declare that it was actually 3 millions of illegals that voted for Hillary.  Trump really, really hates having to admit he was wrong.