Saturday, December 3, 2016


When Trump blames other countries for taking away jobs, he is really deflecting blame from American businessmen and entrepreneurs like himself.  It was they who first went to Japan and subsequently other countries looking for dealerships; it was they who inundated Southeast Asia with American buyers, with contracts in hand, to produce goods, at lower prices to market in the U.S.  It was they who invested in plants all over the world, all the while making sure that the American tax code allowed them to deduct their moving expenses from their U.S. taxes. It was American businesses themselves that benefited from moving their manufacturing plants, overseas.  How can Trump blame Japan and China for American investments?


  1. Trump is the master of emotional abuse tactics. Blame shifting and projecting are two of his main tactics being employed concerning international trade. Trade agreements are simply fuel for Trump's fire.

  2. And his followers made a Faustian deal. Paging Dante.