Thursday, December 22, 2016


As Trump supporters are learning, on a continuing basis, is that most of his campaign promises were, as he has freely admitted,  to win the election, which practice is now validated by that win, so no further action is required.

  Some of those promises would have been impossible to fulfill anyway.  Take Trump's promises to have companies bring back jobs that were taken overseas, or to keep U.S. plants from moving overseas to begin with so unemployment would be curtailed.  The first case was that presented by the Carrier company wanting to move a plant from Indiana. 

 The solution was to give the company State Government money to keep part of the plant operating in Indiana,  The company pocketed the money and kept the part of the plant that they had intended to keep anyway and applied the money towards the automation of the plant which only postpones the firing of the employees for a few years until installation of machinery is completed.  

The "Carrier solution" only demonstrates a much deeper problem for the U.S.  One which could bring this nation to it's knees.  While Carrier, by using automation to produce consumer goods, very cheaply, in large quantities, they are reducing the pool of consumers able to purchase the output of these machines.

Multiply the Carrier situation by thousands of companies, in the U.S., that, similarly, are investing in robotics to increase production at the same time the reduce personnel and one can see the problem of overproduction we may be facing.  In the past we expected this particular problem would be solved through a combination of wealth distribution through Public Works and a social net, which, however, today's corporations are reluctant to help finance through taxes even though the tax base is being eroded by increasing unemployment owing to work force reductions.

Mr. Trump may fail in his quest to bring back jobs because the jobs are being eliminated everywhere,    



  1. Good summary of reality. Let us see what the repercussions are with regard to power obtained through deceit ... lying ... and downright mockery of trust. Is it reasonable to assume violence from the obviously oppressed? The question posited was ... "What ya got to lose?" When you have nothing left to lose, the kettle has reached the boiling point. The jobs being pined over are obsolete and are not coming back. Never. Yes, automation is here to stay ... And, consumerism by the few is not capitalism's winning formula. The blatant con continues and the propaganda machine is blurring the visual ... although the total disregard of fair play concept is crystal clear. The legal and tax loopholes for the rich and well-connected have been thoroughly exposed. To boot, the safety nets are under siege. What did W. say? "Fool me once ..." Let us see what rises from the ashes. Right now, instability is looming ... and, we all know how the financial markets "love" that!

  2. As the dominoes begin to fall ... Trump's house of cards may be next in line.