Sunday, December 25, 2016


Donald Trump holds a card which in a single stroke change the present partisan attitude, in Washington, and might start a healing process the nation sorely needs.  

If he were to renominate Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee for Scalia's seat, to the Supreme Court, there could be a sea change. Garland had support from both sides of the aisle before Repub- licans decided to politicize the nomination process. 

Additionally, his nomination may be the only way for Trump to actually have one of his nominees even get a vote through the Senate, unless Republicans go nuclear which could have extreme consequences, for them, 2 years hence.  


  1. Wishful thinking. He is not of a bipartisan nature ... more of a vengeful, extreme counterpuncher. Besides that, it requires the smarts he does not have. Next.

  2. The right wing continues to have an agenda, regardless of Trump. Trump's main agendas are money, power, and influence for himself ... all self-serving ones. Why would we expect anything less from a pathological narcissist? The main thing that Republicans need to do is stroke Trump's ego as they pass their intended legislations.