Sunday, December 4, 2016


Yesterday evening, I posted an item titled "Big League Headaches" which dealt in part with our relations with China.  This morning I received an article, excerpting parts of last night's Rachel Maddow Show" about the China/Taiwan relationship and the way, dating even from the days of Richard Nixon, in which a mutually beneficial accommodation was reached between the U.S. and China which Trump's clumsiness is, either unknowingly or willfully, in danger of upsetting.  For those interested, the Rachel Maddow article may be reached at:

I have received a reply to my post, from an old friend, reminding me that China had already informed us that they were aware of Trump's lack of understanding of these matters and would overlook it. I, on the other hand, although agreeing with my friend on the Chinese forbearance, with Trump the private citizen but not Trump the President and Head of Government.  Unless Trump is given a forced crash course in foreign affairs, China can and will retaliate.

When reviewing their options, which range from fomenting trouble between North Korea and South Korea to which we would have to respond, stretching our military forces occupied with fighting ISIS, to threatening Taiwan, itself, with conventional forces to which we would have to respond, again straining our military. too, if they chose to, reach a detente with Putin who would welcome the go- ahead to go after the Baltic States while the U.S has to cope with a possible 4 front war, spending trillions of borrowed dollars just to satisfy their President's desire for a few hotels in Taiwan 


  1. Trump is a greedy, corrupt, idiot.

  2. So we now know with certitude that the. Trolling Trumpeter first responds on the basis of his business interests.This notwithstanding neither congress nor the electoral college will insist on divestiture and removal of his children from governmental affairs.We're in for it !

  3. I agree. Could you imagine the daily upheaval within the news media if this were taking place under a Clinton presidency-elect?