Saturday, December 3, 2016


One of the unheralded pillars of the economy of the U.S. is that the U.S. dollar is the only currency fully accepted throughout the world.  It facilitates international trade ad allows our economy flexibility unmatched  by any other nation. The acceptance stems from a delicate mix of military might, civil stability, a defined code of conduct in international relations along with a reputation for rule of law.  

By electing Donald Trump to the Presidency, we have already weakened the basis on which our currency rests.  We have already started the process of eroding our international relationships with uncertainty and our reputation for rule of law.

When the potential Head of Government threatens jail for a political rival, even when an investigative body has cleared her and that same person upsets the established international order, he is setting the grounds for uncertainty that  will eventually threaten our currency.


  1. Concisely stated. Unfortunately, the value of the rule of law has been largely taken for granted. Policies may differ but the fundamental respect for the written contract ... contract in every aspect ... has been the foundation of our stability, relied upon nationally and internationally. Smashing the rules of that order, in a manner that guarantees greater inequalities rather than, not will have consequences ... just like words do.

  2. Why would a corrupt businessman be expected to conduct government in any different manner? Our only saving grace at this time is that our debt is in our own currency which we can evaluate as need arises. Bear in mind that the world is just as nervous about what U.S. policies and intentions imply as we are.

  3. Regrettably, many Americans think that the supremacy of the U.S. dollar is God given and will always be there no matter the actions of a buffoon President. They will be rudely awakened one day, if they continue on as above.

  4. The rise of the Euro was actually designed for that purpose, though with limited success. The Chinese RMB (Renminbi) is also another possibility for replacement as the international currency.