Thursday, December 29, 2016


 John Kerry's impassioned plea to keep alive the 2 state solution, to which all American President, since 1947, have backed, and Netanyahu's self-serving rationalizations for thievery, as rebuttal,  notwithstanding, the most cogent argument that I heard was that of a pundit who said that Israel had already made it a de facto single state, and that the issue between Israelis and Palestinians now was that of civil rights including the right to vote, for the Palestinians.

She compared the situation to that of South Africa where eventually the situation was eventually resolved in favor of those seeking suffrage.

If the pundit is correct, and it is too late, Bibi, once again, will be proven one of Israel's shrewdest men, but also one who was least wise.


  1. There is right and there is wrong ... Bibi will never be right, other than politically.

  2. I agree with your pundit except that I would throw them a greedy bone of Gaza Strip. The Jews and the Arabs have always worked things out via taxes (ergo greed). Man goes to war as naturally as he has bowel movements. Peace is just a lull during war. Sports are a spectator war that fat and lazy warriors play at as a safe substitute. The Palestinians and Israelis need to focus on creating world class soccer teams.

    1. You should be writing this blog. There was a time, if the Bible is to be believed that there was cooperation between the Hebrews and the other residents of Canaan, and it was not only prosperous but they were somewhat of a power in the Middle East. A federation between the 2 peoples would be formidable.