Friday, December 23, 2016


The Golden Age, that Donald Trump alluded to when he promised to "Make America Great Again", according to a tweet sent out this morning, appears to be the 1950s, when we were in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union.

It was a time when our schoolkids got more exercise just by hiding under their desks during frequent air raid drills and the construction trades were kept busy making fallout shelters.  We built an Interstate highway system.  Our young men didn't have to work for less than liveable wages, because we had a draft that could keep them off the street for four (4) years.

White Americans could exercise their God given rights to discriminate against all sorts of minorities without let or hinderance.  Americans could once again freely declare bankruptcy
to discharge their medical bills.

Of course, there were a few rough spots that Trump will eliminate, like a 90% marginal tax rate, for the "job creators", who will be allowed to rebuild our infrastructure, with tax payer money assistance but retaining rights to collect tolls for their use.

Oh those were the days all right, and Trump will make them even greater still, for America's owners! 

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  1. America was, is, and will again be great, just at different times in different people's eyes.