Saturday, May 21, 2016


The recent downing of an Egyptair jet provides a prime example of the Donald's modus operandum.  Immediately after the news of the disappearance of the aircraft, Trump not only stated, unequivocally, that it was an act of terrorism but intimated that if was the fault of the Obama administration,

Should he be proven correct that it was downed by an act of terrorism, he will crow about his prescience and judgement. Should it turn out otherwise, he will say that it was just a suggestion.

If he becomes President and a similar event occurs during his administration, and receives criticism for it,  he will be the first to bewail the unfairness in criticising him for the loss of a plane, not under American jurisdiction, taking off from another foreign country  and being lost over the waters of yet another foreign country.

Mr. Rump cannot lose for the winning.  


  1. Republicans play by their own rules ... which they change depending upon the circumstances at hand.

  2. Since it now has scientifically been proven that sperm have a sense of smell, wouldn't the logical extension of that conclusion be that sperm are life? Since men want to legislate over women's eggs and fetuses, shouldn't women be able to legislate to protect the lives of sperm? Since your post is about Trump's view of terrorism and the assignment of blame, isn't male masturbation a supreme act of terrorism against sperm since the men are taking lives with their bare hands? Why isn't our Republican controlled congress legislating against that terrorist threat?