Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Try as I might, I am unable to wrap my mind around a situation where a nation, that can stoically suffer an average of 3000 gun deaths a month, and can shrug its shoulders at the continuing murder of thousands of civilians a year  in Africa, can be stampeded into taking draconian measures, in its homeland, only because of the death of 31 civilians Belgium.  The recent terror attack in Belgium, tragic as it certainly is, has provoked a consternation, vehement rhetoric, and calls for restriction of civil rights among  some of our political leaders, that is unmatched for far worse occurrences in our own country.

To think that we are willing to restrict the civil rights of American citizens, on one hand, for this, but are completely unmoved by the deaths of our children by gun violence, on the other, speaks to the baseness of our nation as no other thing  we can do.

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  1. And they will shoot anyone who disagrees with them ... friend, family, or foe.