Saturday, March 5, 2016


Although it occurred only a matter of months ago, it seems to have been forgotten that Sen. Ted Cruz was intimately involved in not only attempting but even succeeding, on one occasion,  in using tactics, not specifically empowered by the Constitution, to close down the U.S. Government; extortion not a being one of the checks and balances contemplated by said document.

The threats, as well as the actual shut down has damaged the credit rating of the U.S.  Cruz, of course, has put the blame for the Government shut down on another branch of the Government, on the grounds that said branch could have avoided the shut down if only they had acceded to his wishes.

Donald Trump has been forced to affirm his disavowal of an endorsement by David Duke, several times, but no one has seen fit to ask Sen. Cruz whether he, as President, would take actions to shut down the Government if Congress did not accede to his executive authority.  Also not asked of him is whether, if he returns to Congress  he would again try to shut the Government down to get his way.     

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  1. The entirety of our GOP governing bodies have taken part in a policy of obstructionism and coercion throughout Obama's presidency; Cruz is simply a more-noticeable offender.