Thursday, November 10, 2016


Trump is no ideolog.  He has been, depending on circumstances, a Liberal pro choice Democrat, as well as a pro life Republican.  You need only look at the speeches of both Ivanka and Melania, at the Republican Convention, both of which could have been delivered to applause at a Democratic Convention (indeed Melania's speech was plagiarized from Michelle Obama) to get a glimpse of the transactional philosophy of the family.  You need only look at Trump's speech, yesterday, to see that Clinton is no longer "Crooked" Hillary, but a woman worthy of our respect.

I don't believe that it is lost on Trump, or his advisors, that not only did Hillary receive more votes than Trump but that the margins of the Republican majority, in both the House and the Senate, have been narrowed.  A net loss of 2  Republican seats, in the Senate, in the 2018 elections flips the majority back to the Democrats.  

They are aware that Trump came to power only because of the dissatisfaction of  a large part of the electorate with the pace of our economic recovery and inequity of wealth distribution.  The only remedies offered by Trump, stopping illegal immigration, halting relocation of factories overseas, and infrastructure investments without raising taxes have their own problems which i will deal with in a future post. 



  1. It is too early to judge who will emerge as Trumpeter in chief.Remember,there were a lot of vindictive triumph promises made to the hoi-poloi .His cabinet appointees will tell us where he is going.Ominously the campaign crew are still very visible and audible.The only guy who seems entirely comfortable is Vladimir Putin.I am not optimistic.

  2. Of course, I am not predicting anything in this, or any of the other posts, on this subject, that I make. What I am talking about is possible consequences for any course of action, he may choose to pursue, taking into consideration what he has facing him, including some self-inflicted wounds.

  3. We can talk about changing politics from the top down, but that will never happen ... the plutocracy is seeing to that. Change will only happen from the grassroots up:

    Don't settle ... fight back!