Monday, November 21, 2016


If there is pessimism and gloom in the air, please forgive those senior citizens for whom, the coming Trump Administration, will be the third time in their lifetime, that Republicans have controlled all branches of the Government.  Twice before, they spelled disaster, both economic and natural, for our nation.  In 1929, not only did we have the Great Depression but 2 years later began what was called the Dust Bowl which devastated swaths of the Mid West During the George W. Bush Administration we had the Great Recession in addition to Katrina.

The fact that the coming Administration will be under a President who has not received a plurality of the vote, is equally foreboding considering the recent past.  Although we hope for the best, we are girding for the very worst.

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  1. Let the games begin ....

    The say the third time's the charm. (Biblical reference, and later Shakespeare)