Thursday, July 7, 2016


The semi-literati are out there, on the Internet, contrasting Snowden with Hillary, stating that whereas Snowden is in exile, Hillary has been "pardoned":

1. Hillary, of course, has not been pardoned.  The F.B.I. says that they cannot find a single precedent which could be used to justify any charges,

2. While Snowden acknowledges that he has taken classified documents and actually places them, from time to time, on the Internet, Hillary maintains that she did not put any documents, marked classified, on her server.  The Director of the F.B.I. cites a total of 3, out of 30,000, that, while not marked "Classified" contains markings that might indicate that they were classified. The U.S. State Department, however, confirms that the three, in question, were declassified before they were put on her server.

The foregoing notwithstanding, SCConservatives, insist that she be hung, until she is dead, because they don't like her.



  1. if she mishandled HER email what about the football? YOU KNOW THE ONE WITH THE LAUNCHG CODES...WHERE DID I PUT THAT MUST BE IN MY OTHER PANTS SUITE

    1. There's always this rational fallback ...

      A President Trump considers the options for attacking his foes.

  2. She retained all email, pertaining to her Government work, 30,000 in total, and turned them over to the F.B.I. On the other hand, the Bush Administration destroyed 22 million that they had put on an unauthorized server, and another 5 million that they "lost". No one was concerned about the "football"; did you ask that he return it? Meanwhile, Paul Ryan expressed concern that Donald Trump would have it. Do you feel comfortable with a man, like Trump, who feuds with everyone and harbors grudges having it?

  3. Is Dr. Strangelove in the house? Just Slim Pickens!

  4. Republicans hate Hillary just as they hate Obama. Republicans even treat their own with disparagement when they go against the GOP agenda: Roberts, Gowdy, and Comey aren’t guilty of corruption or partisan betrayals – their ‘failures’ exist solely in the minds of lazy ideologues. What their Republican critics don’t seem to appreciate is that their ostensible allies asked them to go too far, ignore their responsibilities, abuse an otherwise legitimate process, and look out for the ‘team,’ whether the facts warranted it or not. Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has vowed not to hold committee hearings or vote for whomever President Obama nominates to the Supreme Court. The GOP sees this dereliction of duty to be perfectly acceptable, since it follows the GOP's agenda.

    Hillary has committed no crime to our knowledge, yet Republicans want to punish her. Funny, how they deem punishment suitable for Hillary, whereas they refuse to censure former Rep. House Speaker Hastert, who is the highest ranking U.S. official to ever be convicted of a federal felony and sentenced to prison. Different rules for different parties? Obviously so.