Thursday, July 28, 2016


It should be clear, to all, that Trump's model for making America great again, is the  Administration of George W. Bush, a fellow businessman, who, wished to be  C.E.O. to his Vice-President/C.O.O. Dick Cheney  and retire to his ranch in Texas returning to Washington for Board meetings, leaving day to day operations to Cheney.  

Trump has already announced his intention to leave both domestic and international operations to his Vice President, Mike Pence.  In a like manner, Trump has announced an ambitious agenda of both social and military programs along with tax cuts which ballooned our national debt.  That wall that will be paid for by the Mexicans is like the Bush war in Iraq, that the Iraqis were supposed to pay for, but will eventually probably cost the U.S, taxpayers $6 trillion.

Trump, of course, will avoid getting involved in foreign wars, thus saving us the expense and burden of these, but he will increase military expenditures rather than reduce them, so that should help. Tax cuts will improve our economy just like they did under the Bush Administration, and the ensuing economic miracle will be "Beautiful, just beautiful"   Oh, and that 2008 Great Recession that cast such a pall on small town America, that happened, after all, under Obama.  The wisdom of tax cuts and paying for costs of government on a credit card, can be demonstrated by how well protected the elites were from the effects of the Great Recession.  If the middle classes were  only wealthy enough they, too, could have benefitted from all those tax cuts.  It was their own fault that they could not be bailed out with tax payer money,they should have worked harder.



  1. Herb, I expect better spelling from you. Yes, it was their own fault.

  2. Herb, I expect better spelling from you. Yes, it was their own fault.

  3. I caught it before I read your comment. Sorry for my feet of clay, but glad you bother to read the stuff and welcome your proof reading.