Thursday, July 7, 2016


By indicating that they will ask the F.B.I. to investigate whether Clinton lied under oath when she testified, before the Benghazi, that she had not sent or received classified information on her server., Republicans have indicated their willingness to spend whatever it takes, of the taxpayer's money, to further the well being of the Republican Party.  

They have no compunction about spending more money on top of the tens of millions  already wasted on investigating Hillary.  There will be no recommendation to prosecute her for perjury for, basically, the same reason as for receiving classified information.  Lying under oath is not perjury unless willful intent is shown, and it is hard to see how any prosecutor would want to prosecute her for a discrepancy of 3 emails in 30,000, with controversy as to whether those 3 having actually had proper markings in accordance, with the State Department manual, to show that they were, indeed, classified. 

This will probably make no difference, to Republicans, who want any grist for their smear mill, which they operate at full capacity as long as they have U.S. Government funds with which to operate.

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  1. And yet, Republicans claim that they want extreme austerity measures taken by the federal government, of which they are supposed to be a part. Their inaction in normal governmental matters seems to indicate their unwillingness to actually govern. I suppose they are too busy running personal campaigns to do the jobs they were elected to perform. In the GOP, reactionary measures "Trump" governmental actions ... pun intended.