Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As possible ties between Trump and Putin begin to become a topic of conversation, watch how that master of Insult, Innuendo and Inappropriate behavior, Donald Trump, begins to whine about unfair treatment at the hands of his opponents.  He really can't help it, any more than the reporter, with a disability, whom Trump mocked, could control his movements.  We should be more tolerant of people with disabilities; electing them President, however, would be imprudent.


  1. Trump's statements that Russia should spy on a presidential nominee are nothing less than treasonous.

    But we are in disagreement on the second half of your post. Pathological narcissism and lying, although both character and mental flaws, aren't technically considered disabilities to my knowledge.

    If we followed your final warning against electing people with disabilities president, we wouldn't have had FDR or any of his New Deal programs: Civilian Conservation Corps, Federal Emergency Relief Act, Agricultural Adjustment Act, Tennessee Valley Authority, Federal Securities Act, National Industrial Recovery Act, Banking Act establishing Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the 21st Amendment, National Labor Relations Board, Federal Housing Administration, Emergency Relief Appropriations Act, Works Progress Administration, Rural Electrification Administration, Wagner National Labor Relations Act, Social Security Act, Wealth Tax, and many others ... having a disabled president worked out quite well in FDR's case. Just sayin'.

  2. Narcissism is considered a disorder. I personally know of no success in effecting a cure, although I am aware of claims that cognitive therapy has had some success. Any any event, if not entirely impossible to cure, it's damn near that. There is no medication or elixir for it.