Friday, July 1, 2016


Paul Ryan indicates that he will bring gun control legislation to the House floor, so it would appear that the N.R.A. has acquiesced, to a vote, in the matter of sales to terror suspects.  Reports are, however, that such sales are too important, to the gun manufacturers revenue stream, for the N.R.A. to allow passage of any meaningful legislation, to restrict sales.

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  1. As in any business, complementary products are often offered to customers as a way of increasing overall sales. Therefore, with gun sales at an all time high, body armor is now being marketed by the NRA affiliates to both perpetrators and victims ... more shots means higher ammo sales. That must be what they mean by creative marketing. Lobbyists are keeping both the legislators and the electorate well informed of the upgrades to protection ... advertising is crucial to increased and continued sales. Our legislators are the best that money can buy.