Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Forgotten in the hullabaloo that Republicans are making about a rigged system, that is letting Hillary off, without an indictment, is the statement, made by Director Comey, to the effect that what Hillary did was a widespread practice in the Government.  Her indictment might have lead to other indictments including those of officials in previous Republican administrations.  Republicans say, however, that any indictment of  anyone other than Hillary would have been retaliatory and blatantly political, which would have drawn very strong protests, indeed.

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  1. As I stated in a previous reply, even if there were indictments and even convictions, Republican leadership would grant the GOP offenders pardons for their crimes. As an example of how Republicans feel "entitled" to be treated differently, I offer the fact that the current Republican controlled congress refuses to censure former Speaker Hastert, especially since he is the highest ranking U.S. official to ever be convicted of a federal felony and sent to prison.

    Is this the entitlement of which the Republicans always speak? I thought they were against entitlements? Or did they simply mean entitlements for others? Hmmmm?