Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Day 2 at the Republican National Convention was supposed to be dedicated to putting America to work again.  Unless, putting America to work again was by forming a nation wide lynch mob to kill Hillary Clinton, I heard not a single word on the materia.

It is possible that, because they had not a single thought on the theme of the evening, they had to fill up the time, with speaker, after speaker, trying to outdo one another with evidence of vituperation and hate towards Hillary.  Facts were unimportant; adjectives and synonyms for vileness were being exhausted at an incredible rate, but speaker after speaker soldiered on doing their duty to denounce the woman, but nary a word did I hear about programs or plans for the country.  Perhaps they hurriedly spoke about them during my toilet breaks.  

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  1. "Perhaps they hurriedly spoke about them during my toilet breaks." ~ Herb
    ... I understand that to mean that possibly all were spewing $#!T.