Monday, July 18, 2016


The shooting of police officers, in both Dallas and Baton Rouge, are nothing but bitter examples of racial profiling.  Because of actions of  black men targeting white police officers for some having shot and killed other black men, these attacks are insidious
examples of racial profiling. 

 What makes these shootings more egregious, is that blacks, who have suffered more than 5 centuries, and counting, of  racial profiling, should know better!


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    1. If the rage response were simply a matter of cognitive choice, perhaps. But it's not.It's archaic and universal and highly manipulable by those with sociopathic inclination.Manson's helter skelter scenario may still be alive and operational."Black Rage" is usually societally impotent and turned inward except for those with sociopathic personalities.White rage(and fear) is much more acceptable and moves rapidly through societal groupings unless inhibited by strong emotional barriers(morals)and experiential learning.

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  3. Racial profiling would be an inaccurate statement. It would be police profiling, since race wasn't taken into account so much as the profession. If you wish to add a color to the equation, call it blue profiling, yet, even that designation would be inaccurate because not all police officers wear blue and they themselves originate from various "races".

    It's simply rage expressed in the form of retribution for acts committed by others, quite possibly not even those who committed the offenses.

    Also, I understand Claudewell's points as well. Whites often claim racial prejudice by blacks. Though I'm sure that exists as well, the implications are different. Black prejudice has little social or economic impact upon whites, whereas white prejudice against blacks holds extreme social and economic impacts.

  4. Claudewell: Without disputing your remarks, my point is directed more at the reaction of White people to the slogan, "Black Lives Matter". Their responses, almost all negative ones, place more blame on the BLM movement than more than 5 centuries of trivializing black lives in the U.S. Greg: Calling "Police Profiling" as something different than "Racial Profiling" just sounds a wee bit like a lesson in semantics.

  5. @Herb
    My first paragraph was simply return sarcasm and satire of your post. The second (one line) paragraph shows the actual reason for the shootings, though should not be considered justification for the shootings, merely sympathy expressed for the reasoning.