Thursday, July 21, 2016


Ted Cruz is, for the time being, the villain that gets hissed and booed, on the old time movie, but he may have the last laugh, before the beginning of the 2020 election cycle, and all those guys who are jeering him now, may just regret it.

When one looks at what little we are shown of Trump's financial statements, there is little evidence of great wealth, even as we know that his living expenses seem to be enormous.  We also know that Trump is a hustler who gets involved in hustles like Trump University and Trump Institute.  

His need to get quick reimbursement of his election expenses, and reported need for soliciting funds, even while illegal, from abroad, as well as a not insignificant number of unresolved legal issues, does not bode well for a prosperous political career for Mr. Trump. I think Cruz, while admittedly gambling, has made a better than even bet, in his favor.

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