Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Security concerns, about holding a convention in a state where open carry of weapons is legal, has prompted the G.O.P. to consult with the N.R.A. about possible repercussions from holding their Convention in Cleveland.  The N.R.A. has responded by informing the GOP that their corporate sponsors feel that there is adequate protective legislation to shield them from product liability lawsuits, but more importantly there is an adequate availability, in stock, to handle any expected increase in sales should a serious incident stoke a fear that weapon  sales might be curtailed.  The NRA has given the GOP a green light to go forward with the Convention.


  1. I applied for a permit to set up a lemonade stand across the street from the convention center, right next to the NRA's sponsored arms dealers' stands ... but was denied because I couldn't afford the expensive "slotting fees" charged by the NRA backed government leaders to display my product in such a prime location.

    In a capitalistic society, prejudice applies to income level as well as race.

  2. Bet if you spiked the lemonade with bourbon, you would have a better shot at it. After all, guns and alcohol go together like ham and eggs.

  3. Hmmmm? Even the wording seems appropriate: " ... a better shot at it." A shot of bourbon ... a shot from a gun ... you may be on to something? Maybe guns and alcohol do go together. Or have you been drinking my lemonade? Disclaimer: don't drink the Republican "Kool-Aid".