Sunday, June 12, 2016


The trade-offs to one of Trump's most successful ploys, to win the Primary elections, may be beginning to seriously damage the G.O.P.  Convincing a large segment of his voters that he was wealthy enough to finance his own campaign, and therefore would not be beholden to special interests, aided his winning the nomination.  The truth, which is now emerging, is that he has no where near the resources needed, and he will have to rely on the Republic National Committee, at a time when they themselves are strapped for cash, and on the largesse of those same special interests, Trump previously disdained.

Not only are contributors more leery about contributing their funds to either the RNC or Trump, and the needs of beleaguered Congressional candidates greater, but the Democratic candidates are doing much better than Republicans in fund raising.  If the trend continues, in this election, we may find that, for the first time, Republicans may join in clamoring for election campaign finance reform. 


  1. Turnabout is fair play ... but I don't believe that Republicans thought they would be on the receiving end of the monetary bludgeoning.

  2. Does anyone have a good (trustworthy) source to track fundraising results of congressional candidates?

    1. Can't attest to their trustworthiness but these are out there

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  3. A teenager actually developed this browser plug-in which doesn't discriminate by party:
    You can also use this link to check out politicians at all levels of politics:
    Use this link to find out which politicians or groups are buying political ads on TV: or this one:
    I've also used both of your father's links for following the money trail. Open Secrets is good for political "dark money".
    I've posted a plethora of links over the years in groups that included your father.
    If you wish to remove money from politics, your father has seen me post this link numerous times:
    Good luck in your quests and endeavors, Joshua!