Thursday, June 16, 2016


In the first decade of the 21st Century, many Republicans were infected by a Chronology Specific Virus which seems to excise all memory of the time period, from the time of the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair until the inauguration of Barack Obama, in January of  2009.  The latest example of this may be the recent outburst of John McCain blaming Obama for ISIS, because he, Obama, withdrew U.S. forces from  Iraq. 

Forgotten is the fact that it was Bush who invaded Iraq and disbanded both the Iraqi Army and the Ba'ath Party, the only multi-ethnic institutions which kept the country together.  Forgotten, as well, is the fact that Bush, looking into the eyes of Malicki, approved him as the leader of  the new government and with whom Bush entered into an agreement, to leave Iraq, by 2011.  With memory gone, the founding of ISIS,  by a group of imprisoned ex-officers,  of the disbanded Iraqi Army, in 2006, could not have occurred until after 2009, in McCain's mind.  

Of course considering McCaine's age, it is possible that the virus he was infected with is actually the CRS virus


  1. Resurgence of the virus seems to reoccur over time, but always in a party-specific form, and only while Democrats hold the commanding positions of leadership. Voting seems to be the only treatment which can target the virus specifically, though Republicans are legislating restrictions to lessen its effectiveness.

  2. Another of the things that are lost, by Republicans, is the fact that U.S. troops returned to Iraq, in 2014, as soon as Malicki was deposed. It took 2 years for the Obama Administration to get rid of him before they could return, because Malicki, W.s hand picked man, insisted that our G.I.s be subject to Iraqi law (Sharia law) for any offenses alleged to have occurred. Obama would not agree, would McCaine have done so had he been elected President?