Monday, June 6, 2016


In a nation whose jurisprudence is formed mostly from precedents, one should be careful about the precedents that are set.  Should Trump  be successful, in having the ethnicity, of an American born judge, be a factor in whether that judge may preside over a case, he will be excluding ever having anyone of Scotch or German ancestry, as a judge in any of his law suits.  Since most whites , in the U.S., are descendents of Europeans from Germany and the United Kingdom, he will be practically guaranteeing that all of his judges will be of black, Asian or  the Mediterranean, most likely Jewish or Italian descent..  Lots of luck, Donald.

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  1. I hope that all of his pending litigation contributes to his failed candidacy, regardless of who the judges are. I'm still trying to determine whether Trump is running for president or crime boss. With Republicans, there's not a Yuge distinction between the two.