Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Has anyone noticed how easily due process can be waived for deciding which bathroom can be used, but how difficult it can make it when it comes to preventing suspected terrorists from purchasing an assault rifle?  It  would appear, in our society, that which bathroom one can pee in is a much more pressing question than preventing a massacre of 49 people. 


  1. On a similar stream of thought ... did anyone notice how the "due process" was instantenous after the Speaker turned off C-Span's direct feed? Smartphones took over and C-Span succeeded in broadcasting to the people! Ah, technology! Now off to a two-week break! What a gig!

  2. I believe that you are missing a key point here, Herb. In both cases the processes used resulted from being the most efficient for purposes of discrimination. Republicans thrive on discrimination of others, and that's how the processes used were determined. Republicans always view their discrimination as being due for the ones being discriminated.