Saturday, June 25, 2016


The BREXIT debacle may demonstrate why Trump, great con man that he is, has left a string of failed businesses in his wake.

Recently heavily invested in Scottish golf courses, he proceeded to further alienate, himself from the Scottish people, many of whom were to be his customers, by gratuitously offering his opinion in favor of BREXIT, which the majority of the Scotch people oppose and which may cause the break up of the United Kingdom,

Golf, while being an important sport, is hardly an essential, and as such is dependent on the prosperity of the community.  Overnight, BREXIT caused a drop in the United Kingdom"s ranking in the world economies from No 5 to No. 6, in the word.  A breakup of the U.K, will further reduce the status of each.

Trump's big mouth and shallow brain were certainly not helpful to his business.

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  1. Trump is planning to write another book about his business experiences, though to date, none of his books have made it past Chapter 11. Maybe it's time for Trump to TREXIT ... no vote is necessary, though one could still take place in November if necessary.