Wednesday, June 22, 2016


House Republicans are, rightfully, incensed that Democrats have decided to stage a sit-in on the floor of the lower Chamber because House leaders refuse to bring gun control legislation up for a vote. 

They feel that the Democrats are unjustly targeting them with their demonstration when they know that they should be demonstrating at the offices of the N.R.A., since it is that organization that is not permitting the bills from being brought to the floor, certainly not the House majority.

They may stage a protest, of their own, because of this inappropriate demonstration.  

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, Republicans already had their turn in 2008 when they staged a sit-in for oil, just as Democrats are now staging one against guns. Why didn't Republicans take their own advice and complain to the oil companies? Just as Republicans have now recessed until July, Democrats turned out the lights and left Republicans in the dark, though in all honesty, Republicans have long lived in the dark. Some may even claim that they are from The Dark Side (Star Wars reference).