Monday, June 13, 2016


In a major policy speech, today, Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslim immigrants, even though the events in Orlando, this past weekend, involving a natural born American citizen would not have been affected, in the least, by such a ban.  For that matter, neither would 9/11,  the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, perpetrated by men on a tourist visa, have been affected.  

For some reason, Mr. Trump also doubled down on his contention that somehow by not using the words "Islamic Terrorism", Obama's actions were suspect.  

At a time when MUSLIMS are fighting ISIS on three fronts, Iraq, Syria and Libya, alongside our advisors, and winning battles and reclaiming territory, Donald Trump seems to be hell bent to separate us from our allies by sowing seeds of religious strife.

Had an American politician, during World War II, tried to put a wedge between ourselves and the Free French forces, fighting along side us as allies, by calling the Vichy French, French Cowards or some other epithet slandering the French as a nation, that politician would have been branded an enemy agent, and, at the very last, been interned for the duration of the war.  Had innuendos been made against our then Commander-in-Chief that somehow not offending our largest minority population group, the Germans, made him a suspect, Trump would have been branded the ridiculous draft dodger who thought that calling your enemy names was all it took to fight  a war, or for that matter, an election.  

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