Friday, June 10, 2016


It is fortunate that the G.O.P. has a competent orator, capable of delivering spellbinding speeches about how fabulous he is. to offset the onslaught of substantive speeches that are expected to be forthcoming from the 2 Clintons, Obama, Biden, Sanders. and Warren. in the forthcoming campaign.


  1. I'm hoping that Clinton's retorts to Trump's anticipated assaults and insults will rival Obama's latest response to a gun advocate's questions. Obama's reply was both articulate and eloquent. Calm dignity and charm are far more attractive as presidential qualities than an effluence of vitriol. I would rather have a woman president with grace and charm than a schoolyard bully totally lacking in character.

  2. The gun advocate was presenting a typical position asserted by the NRA and other "interested" groups. Watch the calm, intelligent response made by Obama ... dignity worthy of a president ... and so he is:

  3. Add the conservative David Brooks to the substantive material: