Thursday, June 16, 2016


It would appear, from the latest news, that the N.R.A. will allow both the Senate and the House to bring gun reform legislation to the respective floors of each, signifying a major break-through.  What seems to b still unclear is whether the N.R.A. will allow any meaningful legislation to be passed.  This may still be under discussion at the Board meetings of the N.R.A.

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  1. My comment from the previous post applies here as well.

    When a 13 year old is prohibited from buying cigarettes, lottery tickets, alcohol, and pornography, but is allowed to buy a gun at a gun show with no ID, no background or mental health check, and can pay in cash leaving no paper trail, the system is broken. The GOP wants it that way. Use these facts against them in the upcoming election cycle.

    Laws passed in Florida made it all too easy for the Pulse shooter, Mateen, to acquire an assault rifle, a thousand rounds of ammunition, and he tried to buy a protective vest, although he was denied at one store (they claimed to be out of stock). I'm not sure whether he ended up acquiring a vest or not.

    I feel the FBI dropped the ball on this one, but that's my opinion. The store that prevented sale to Mateen immediately called the FBI ... they never followed up on it. At least 50 people are now dead, many more injured (mentally/physically). The NRA lost its way a long time ago, and they dragged many politicians down with them.